College of Liberal Arts (Undergraduate) Tuition & Fees

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Undergraduate Tuition & Fees (2019-20)

Total Estimated Costs $33,340.00 $33,220.00 $66,560.00
Description Fall Semester Spring Semester Total Annual
Tuition $25,875.00 $25,875.00 $51,750.00
Fees1 490.00 370.00 860.00
Room and Board2 6,469.00 6,469.00 12,938.00
Books and Supplies (estimated)3 506.00 506.00 1,012.00

Full time tuition includes 3.0-4.5 credits.  Additional credits may result in additional charges. Fewer than 3.0 credits could impact eligibility for financial aid.

Additional Costs

Health Insurance

Cost for the 2019-20 academic year was $2,972 annually, charged as $1,294 in fall semester, $1,678 in spring, with a $50 per semester administration fee.

Students are required to have health insurance. If you have comparable coverage to the Willamette Student Health Insurance, you may waive this premium. The health insurance rates for international students may differ from the rates for domestic students listed above. Learn more here.

Tuition and Fees: More Information

  1. Fees break down as follows:
    • Student activity-related fees of $270 per semester, $540 annually
    • Residential Hall Fee of $75 per semester, $150 annually
    • The Community Action Fund For Equity and Sustainability Fee of $25 per semester, $50 annually. This fee is optional and may be declined by the student in WebAdvisor. The optional fee was approved by a student body vote during the 2014 spring semester
    • The Orientation Fee of $120 is a one-time-only fee charged to new students in their first semester at Willamette.
  2. The Room and Board rate is based upon standard multiple occupancy in a residence hall and the Bearcat Dining Plan. Actual rates may differ depending upon room type and meal plan selected.
  3. Books costs will vary by semester. Estimate about $1,012 annually.


Numerous scholarships are available, including merit scholarships up to $27,000 per year.

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