Pregnant and Parenting Students

Willamette University supports the participation of pregnant and parenting students in our educational programs. If you are expecting a child or are currently parenting, review the following resources available to you.

Accommodations for pregnant students are available. Submit a CARE report online or contact the Student CARE and Conduct Manager in the Division of Student Affairs to arrange accommodations and support.

  • Assistant Dean for Student CARE and Inclusion: Justin Leibowitz
  • Email:
  • Phone: 503-370-6813

Pregnant and parenting students have rights under Title IX to receive an education free of discrimination. If you have questions about your rights or are curious about your options for support on campus, contact the Director of the Gender Resource & Advocacy Center.

  • Director of the Gender Resource & Advocacy Center: Lisa Logan
  • Email:
  • Phone: 503-375-5361

Students can also contact the University Title IX Coordinator with questions about arranging accommodations, expressing concerns, or compliance-related matters.

Lactation Rooms

A lactation room is a private and comfortable space where a nursing parent can nurse their baby or pump their breast milk for a later feeding.

On-campus, lactation rooms are located in Bishop Wellness Center 124, Law Library 129, and the University Services Building 101. You can locate these rooms on the campus map.


Pregnant and parenting students can build community in a variety of ways on campus. Student centers like the Gender Resource & Advocacy Center and the Student Center for Equity and Empowerment have comfortable open areas with couches, study space, wi-fi access and small refrigerator and microwave options that welcome children and families. 

A formal student organization for parenting students in the Graduate School of Law has been created. Find out more information about Parents Attending Law School.

Bishop Wellness Center

Dedicated to promoting the overall well-being of students at Willamette, Bishop offers both medical and counseling services. Pregnancy tests and referrals to prenatal care providers are available to students at Bishop. Managing the stress of being pregnant and/or parenting while attending school can be challenging at times. Bishop offers counseling appointments throughout the semester including same-day, walk-in appointments. Students covered by the Willamette Student Health Insurance plan can seek coverage for prenatal care and childbirth as well as coverage for dependents. For specific insurance questions, contact SaVannah Kraal:


At this time, family housing is not available on campus.

Child Care Resources and Referrals:

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