Access to medical care promotes student retention and success.

  • Many students come to school with medical insurance, but for those who do not the incurred expense of an unexpected injury or illness may affect their ability to remain in school and progress towards graduation.
  • In addition, students with inadequate insurance coverage may forgo treatment and experience extended illnesses.

A Student Insurance Plan may be more comprehensive and more affordable than other options.

  • The Affordable Care Act allows students to remain on their families' insurance plan through age 26. This is advantageous for some, but does not help those whose families are unemployed or cannot afford coverage. The insurance requirement allows the Office of Financial Aid to consider the Student Insurance premium when calculating financial aid awards.
  • Because the pool of members is made up of relatively healthy young people, premiums are often lower than comparable individual plans.
  • Every spring an audit is performed to ensure that the Student Insurance Plan meets the unique needs of our students at the least possible cost. For example, testing for Attention Deficit Disorder was added with a small increase in premiums to provide a service many students could not otherwise afford.
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