Student Health Plan, Requirements

For International Students, Scholars, and Accompanying Family Members

Insurance Requirements

International students and scholars

International students and scholars, including J-2 or F-2 family members, are required to have health insurance while at Willamette. Good health insurance helps protect your ability to continue your study by managing healthcare costs.

Willamette University (WU) provides a mandatory health insurance plan through PacificSource.

You and your dependents are automatically enrolled.

Note, this a medical plan only. Dental is NOT included for adults (over age18).

It is reasonably priced for the high level of coverage it provides.

  • Meets U.S. Affordable Care Act requirements.
  • Meets "J" visa health insurance requirements, including medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.

Enrollment & billing to your WU student account are done via the Office of International Education.

  • Enrollment is on an annual period. Cost is billed to you in two pieces: once at the beginning of each semester. See the Cost table below for details.
  • One semester exchange students: You are billed only for the term you attend Willamette.
  • Note: Insurance does not cover 100% of healthcare costs. You pay the cost of the insurance (table below) plus you pay the healthcare provider for costs/balances that insurance does not cover. These costs are called: co-pay, deductible, coinsurance, non-covered or excluded costs, out-of-network costs, etc. Purchasing insurance is a cost in addition to any of these balances.


2021-2022 PacificSource Student Health Plan

Student $ 2,938* $ 1,279* $ 1,659*
Spouse** $ 2,838 $ 1,229 $ 1,609
each Child** $ 2,838 $ 1,229 $ 1,609

*Includes $50 per semester administrative fee. No administrative fee for Dependents.
** Dependents can only enroll if student/scholar is also enrolled.
Costs will be reversed if a waiver request is approved.

Enrollment Application & Waiver Request

Use the current Health Insurance Enrollment & Waiver Request Form to Enroll in or Waive the insurance.

Option A: Enroll in the insurance

To Do: Follow instructions. ID cards will be available online on the PacificSource site. You will receive a notice via email when it is available.

Option B: Waive (decline) the university insurance

What it is: If you bring health insurance coverage with you, you have one chance each academic year to ask if your insurance is eligible to replace the university's health insurance. This is called a waiver. Requesting a waiver does not guarantee you will receive a waiver. Use the Health Insurance Enrollment & Waiver Request Form. The deadline cannot be extended.

Waiver Request Deadlines

Fall Deadline:
Mon, September 13, 2021
Academic year or Fall only students
Spring Deadline:
Mon, January 24, 2022
Spring waiver applies only if your first term at Willamette is spring 2022. Thereafter your deadline will be in fall.

Requirements and Forms

Health Insurance Requirements 2021-2022 PDF (international students)

Enrollment/Waiver Request Form 2021-2022 -PDF (international students)

Health Insurance Requirements 2020-2021 (international students)

Annual/fall deadline: Monday, 13 September 2021

Spring deadline: Monday, 24 January 2022 (spring start students only)

U.S. Students: link to Waiver

Insurance Benefit Information

2021-2022 PacificSource Health Plan Summary of Benefits (link to the insurance website)

2021-2022 PacificSource International Highlight Sheet (link to the insurance website)

2020-2021 PacificSource International Highlight Sheet (PDF)

2020-2021 PacificSource Health Plan Student Guide (PDF)

How to Use Your Student Health Plan

Using Your WU Health Insurance Plan

For Additional Information

Coverage questions

(855) 274-9814 (toll-free)

Your Health & Health Insurance

Bishop Wellness Center

Waivers for International Student/Scholar Insurance

Ramona Murtha
Office of International Education

Willamette University

Student Insurance

Baxter Hall
900 State Street
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