Graduate Housing at Willamette

Willamette offers reasonably priced graduate housing.

On campus graduate housing is located in WISH House and the University Apartments. Both locations are about a block away from the graduate schools. Graduate housing offers a variety of convenient amenities, including optional meal plans, on-site laundry facilities and WiFi/Cable.


Frequently Asked Questions

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2019-2020 Grad Housing Rates

Residence Halls Rate Per Semester
Grad Standard Single (WISH House) $2,250
Grad Double as a Single (WISH House) $2,400
University Apartment (1-bedroom) 1-occupant: $6,080
2-occupants: $3,550


Consider the benefits of on-campus living

On Campus Off Campus
A 9 month lease allows for greater flexibility. Managers and landlords require first and last months’ rent up front. You are often locked into a year-long lease, whether or not you need the apartment the entire time.
All utilities, plus cable/internet access, are included.  Electric, water, and garbage bills are not typically included in the cost and can really add up.
You have the convenience of walking to class and other campus events and activities. Many off campus residences involve a commute and the hassle of finding parking.
Our Campus Safety officers have a 24/7, year-round presence in our community. Also, all residence halls are locked 24/7 and equipped with card swipe access.
Convenient, nutritious and delicious on-campus dining options.  Consider the time and money spent on commuting, grocery shopping, food prep, clean up, etc.
On campus housing is priced competitively–often below market rates–and costs are kept to a minimum. Local property managers report continued overall low vacancy, with nominal turnover and waiting lists for available units. (1)

(1)Source: Powell Bantz Valuation, 2018

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