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Additional Benefit Plans

Willamette offers a variety of additional benefits beyond health and retirement that are important parts of managing your life.

  • Auto, Home, Personal Property and Pet Insurance

    California Casualty
    You may purchase group auto, home, and personal property liability insurance through California Casualty. Higher Ed group discount, top quality service and exclusive policy features designed for your profession - and your life. California Casualty has over 60 years experience specializing in auto and home insurance for education professionals like you. Call 1.866.680.5143 or click for a quote.

    Liberty Mutual
    Liberty Mutual offers Willamette University employees special discounted group rates on auto and homeowner insurance. Call Iain Cryer at 1-877-443-6060 for a quote.

    Pets Best
    Pets Best plans cover illnesses, accidents, and injuries, as well as routine wellness exams and specialist care. Call 877.652.2638 or click for a quote.

    • Emergencies, surgeries, tests, treatments, and prescriptions
    • Hospitalizations, outpatient care, cancer treatment, MRI, CAT scans, x-rays, and lab tests
    • Teeth cleaning, vaccinations and spay/neuter
    • Dermatologists, ophthalmologists and holistic care
  • Credit Union

    All Willamette employees are eligible to become members and receive the services of the Marion and Polk Schools (MAPS) Credit Union.

    Contact Information

    Phone: 800-688-0181
    Group #: Willamette University
    Maps Credit Union Website

    Services available include checking and savings accounts,  VISA card, insurance, and loan programs. 

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

    Willamette offers two employee assistance programs (EAP) and both are paid for by the University for our faculty, staff, and their families who may encounter professional and/or personal challenges.

    Canopy’s Contact Information

    Phone: 800-433-2320
    Group #: willametteuniversity
    Canopy's Website
    Counseling Office Address:
    4060 Macleay Road SE, Suite A
    Salem, OR 97317

    Uprise Health Contact Information

    Phone: 800-386-7055
    Uprise Health Website
    Access code: worklife

    Canopy Services
    All services provided by Canopy and their Self-Help website, are strictly confidential. Use is neither tracked electronically nor reported to Willamette University, except in the aggregate. A vital part of the program's success is its confidentiality, and participation will be treated in accordance with all state and federal laws. Faculty, staff, and their families may receive five (5) free counseling sessions per year, per incident (e.g. work issues/conflicts, depression, stress management).

    • Counseling: Available 24/7 for crisis or non-crisis situations (marital issues, work issues, depression, stress, grief, and others)
    • Personal Advantage: A resource to help employees and families manage the stress present in family and work lives
    • Work/Family Life: Assist you with locating resources and information related to managing your personal and professional life
    • Personal Wellness: Unlimited access to wellness coaches for assistance in making lifestyle changes - fitness, smoking cessation, or chronic conditions
    • Identity Theft: Unlimited phone consultations for ID theft, recovery, support and prevention
    • Financial Consultations: 30-days of unlimited, free assistance with financial planning, budgeting, investments, credit counseling, loans/mortgages, and social security
    • Childcare: Infant to college-age information and resources for childcare, education, parenting, and adoption
    • Eldercare: Assistance in finding the solutions to the aging needs of parents and ourselves - housing, home health, community services, legal, and medical concerns
    • Legal Consultations: Employees and family members may receive one initial 30-minute office or telephone consultation per separate legal matter at no cost. If legal services are retained, then you will receive a 25% rate reduction off the attorney's normal hourly rate.
    • The Line: An anonymous information line available to employees and their dependents who are seeking information about general mental health and EAP services
    • Home Ownership Program: A no cost, no obligation consultation program for those looking to buy, sell, or refinance
    • Concierge Services: Cascade will retrieve information and resources to alleviate stress from your busy life

    Uprise Health

    With Uprise Health your confidential employee assistance program through Guardian and Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH), you don’t have to face life’s challenges alone. Uprise Health provides support and guidance for matters that range from personal issues you might be facing to providing information on everyday topics that affect your life. You have unlimited access to consult with a professional counselor via telephone.
    Face-to-face counseling sessions are available, if needed, with an IBH network provider — and up to three sessions are free of charge. For legal and financial topics, you are eligible to receive a free initial 30 minute office or telephone consultation with an attorney or seasoned financial professional and certified public accountant (CPA). Local referrals are available for more complex legal or financial issues for a fee. A variety of training resources — webinars, videos, and PowerPoint presentations — are also available to help you manage your quality of life.

  • Employee Discounts

    Many vendors offer discounts to Willamette employees. Contact information is provided below for obtaining the most up-to-date information on the discounts. To obtain a discount, you must let the vendor know you are an employee of the University by providing a valid, current Willamette identification card. If you are aware of other vendors who would like to be added to the list, please have them contact

    Willamette University in no way endorses the products or specifically supports the patronage of the vendors/products listed.

    Discount at Willamette Store

    10% Discount on Willamette Store purchases (except textbooks)

    CHP Active and Healthy

    With CHP Active and Healthy, you'll save money on hundreds of fitness, wellness, and entertainment activities. To take advantage of these great deals, go to CHP Active and Healthy After you create an account, you can choose from thousands of offers.

    Working Advantage Discount Network

    All employees have exclusive access to the Working Advantage discount network which allows you to save up 60% on ticketed events and online shopping. To subscribe, you may access the Working Advantage Website by opening the custom flyer attached, or by clicking here: Working Advantage. When opening an individual account you will need the Willamette University ID #464489588

    Go to the Sprint Discount Program website

    • Click on Student and faculty discounts > Get discounts through your school
    • Enter WU email address
    • Click Submit
    • From the Select your Company pull-down, choose WSCA STATE OF OREGON HIGHER EDUCATION
    • Click Submit
    • Click Shop now

    Go to the Verizon Discount Program website and enter your work email address.

    Go to the AT&T Check for Discounts website and enter your work email address.

  • Food Service

    The University offers employees and students a variety of dining and snack options for purchase on campus including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Contact Information

    Bon Appetit Cafe

    Phone: 503-370-6711

    Meals and snacks are available in the Goudy Commons dining facility and the Cat Cavern located on the second floor of the University Center, Rick’s Café, and the Kaneko Dining Room. Present your Willamette University ID Card to the cashier and receive a 10% discount.

  • Guardian Accident & Critical Illness

    Contact Information

    Guardian Anytime

    Phone: 888-600-1600
    Group #: 00510968

    Critical Illness

    It takes a lot to beat a serious illness. Unfortunately, it can also cost a lot. When you or a family member suffers a serious illness like a stroke or heart attack, Critical Illness Insurance can help with expenses that medical insurance doesn't cover like deductibles or out of pocket costs, or services like experimental treatment. Critical Illness supplements your medical and your disability income insurance. The lump sum benefit is paid when you need it most, upon diagnosis, so you can rest assured that you will have funds to offset upcoming out of pocket costs, and that you'll have the flexibility to elect treatments with less worry about the cost. Read this overview document and watch this short video for an overview, and review your Guardian Critical Illness Benefits for coverage options.

    Accident Insurance

    Accidents happen every day. Did you know almost 39 million emergency room visits a year are due to an injury? If you were injured from an accident, chances are you will have expenses that you were not anticipating - will you be prepared? Accident Insurance can help you deal with those expenses. Benefit payments can help you with your medical deductibles and co-pays, and cover household expenses like groceries, mortgage payments, and childcare, which can begin to pile up if you have to take some time off from work. Read more about the program in this overview document and watch this short video, then check out the Guardian Accident Benefits for full coverage details.

  • Legal Services & Identity Theft

    Willamette University has partnered with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. to allow benefit eligible employees and their families the opportunity to receive some additional personal protection with legal and financial concerns as well as Identity Theft Protection.

    Contact Information

    Legal Shield

    Phone: 800-654-7757
    Group #: willametteuniversity

    Legal Services

    • Unlimited telephone consultation
    • Phone calls and letters on your behalf
    • Contract and document review
    • Will Preparation
    • Motor vehicle / traffic violation coverage
    • Civil lawsuit protection (including pre-trial and trial time)
    • IRS tax audit protection
    • 25% discount on other services
    • Protects your right to remain silent
    • Attorney representation 24/7
    Identity Theft Protection
    • Credit Reports
    • Continuous credit monitoring for all activity
    • Restoration reimbursement
    • Identity restoration


    • Legal Shield
      • Employee Only: $16.95 per month
      • Employee + Family: $18.95 per month
    • IDShield
      • Employee Only: $9.95 per month
      • Employee + Family: $18.95 per month
    • Legal Shield + IDShield Bundle
      • Employee Only: $25.90 per month
      • Employee + Family: $33.89 per month
  • Libraries

    With a WU ID, faculty and staff are eligible to borrow materials including books, videos, DVDs, books on tape and to access electronic books, journals and databases from on and off campus. For more information, visit University Libraries.

  • Notary Public Services

    Many WU staff members have the authority and have expressed a willingness to notarize documents for the University community at no charge. For more information, please email the WU Notary Public group at

  • Sick Leave Cash Out for Retirement

    Full-time benefit eligible staff employed on or before January 1, 2021, who work for at least 10 years are eligible for a one-time cash out of a portion of accumulated sick leave benefits based on the formula described below and paid into their retirement plan. To request this payment into the retirement plan, the employee must retire and be over 55 years of age, or have 30 years of service to the University, and inform the institution at least six months prior to retirement of their intentions.

    In calculating the credit to be paid to the retirement plan, Human Resources will subtract 520 hours from the total remaining unused sick leave the employee has accumulated, divide that total by three (3) and multiply that by the employee’s hourly rate. That amount, not to exceed $5,000, will be credited as a one-time lump sum payment to the employee's retirement plan.

  • Subsidized Bus Passes

    Subsidized Bus passes for Salem’s Cherriots bus system may be obtained through Campus Safety.

  • Tuition Benefits

    Willamette University believes in the value of education, whether for self-improvement, social advancement, or as a means for improving knowledge, skills, and abilities for success at work. One of the many outstanding benefits afforded to full-time employees of Willamette University is our Tuition Remission and Exchange program.

    Tuition Resources

    Tuition Benefits for Employees

    Become a Bearcat! As a benefit eligible employee, you are eligible after six (6) months of service for undergraduate coursework and after three (3) years of service for graduate coursework. Tuition remission is provided for one course per semester at 100% and any additional courses at 50%. As of November 1, 2019, enrollment for graduate coursework is limited to 9 credits or less per semester. You must go through the full admission process and be admitted to the school subject to regular admission standards. The tuition remission program is non-taxable for undergraduate coursework, and non-taxable for graduate coursework up to the IRS limit of $5,250 per calendar year. Graduate tuition benefits provided in excess of $5,250 in the tax year are accounted as a taxable benefit to employees such that they will need to pay taxes on these amounts as if they received the dollar value of the benefit in cash. Taxability FAQ

    Tuition Benefits for Dependent Children

    Send your child to Willamette! Your dependent child(ren) is eligible to take advantage of tuition remission or exchange after you complete five (5) years of full-time service. Service credit is available for your service at other institutions of higher education. Your child(ren) can receive Willamette's full tuition for eight (8) semesters of undergraduate education. Your child(ren) must go through the full admission process and be admitted to the school subject to regular admission standards. Age and dependency limits apply.

    Willamette also provides the option of receiving this benefit through participation in the national Tuition Exchange program and the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) Tuition Remission Exchange (TRE) program. A 15% participation fee based on the mean tuition charge of participating schools must be paid by the student to the GLCA. Combined, these exchange programs provide options for tuition benefits for dependent children at over 600 schools throughout the U.S.

    Tuition Benefits for Spouse/Partner

    Would your spouse/partner like to go to Willamette? Willamette University also provides tuition benefits for attendance in Willamette's undergraduate College of Arts & Sciences for spouse/partner of employees. These benefits are provided on the same terms as those provided to employees, one class (up to 4 hours/week) per semester/term at 100% tuition remission and any additional courses at 50% of tuition. Tuition remission for graduate program courses are not available to spouse/partners.

    Tax Free Dependent Child & Spouse/Partner Tuition Benefits

    Tuition exchange for dependent children is a tax free benefit, however, it is critical that the student maintain dependency status under the parent/employee's tax returns during the full period of receipt of benefits. Undergraduate tuition remission for spouse/partners is likewise tax free.

  • University Recreation and Entertainment

    Passes for employees and their families to attend home athletic events are available either at a discount or free of charge from the Athletics ticket office.

    Employees are also eligible to purchase, at a reduced-price, season passes for theater productions from the Theater Department and complimentary passes and reduced-price tickets for many musical performances can be obtained from the Music Department.

    Employees also gain access to the Hallie Ford Museum of Art Willamette University ID card.

  • Voluntary Severance Program

    For employees hired on or before December 31, 2023, who meet certain eligibility requirements, additional benefits through our Voluntary Severance Program may be available. 

    Please contact the Human Resources office at, or 503-370-6210 for details. 

Willamette University

Human Resources

University Services Building
Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.
503-370-6210 voice
503-370-6570 fax