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Kaiser Dental

The Kaiser Permanente Dental HMO plan is a copay-based network-only offering that requires the selection of a primary care dentist. Each family member on your plan can choose his or her own dentist. Because services are prepaid, you have clear up-front costs.

Kaiser offers 17 dental offices in the Northwest region to choose from and you must reside in the Kaiser Permanente service area to enroll in Kaiser Permanente dental coverage. This plan brings together a team of experienced dental professionals committed to providing you with high-level, preventive dental care and treatment planning based on the latest dental research. They believe in establishing a dentist-patient relationship as essential to providing consistent, high-quality care.


If you have an immediate need, Kaiser dental insurance offers several advantages.

  • There are no waiting periods on any procedure and the costs are low relative to other types of plans in your area.
  • Your first examination with your own personal dentist will include the following; diagnostic X-ray, gum disease test, tooth decay assessment, head and neck cancer screening, and blood pressure check.
  • Your dentist will work with you to plan your treatment and identify any needed follow-up appointments, including cleanings.
  • Any future care that you need will be under the direction of your personal dentist.

Benefits Eligibility

Available to employees who work at least 60% of a full-time schedule annually.

Contact Information

  • Phone: 503-813-2000 (local), 800-813-2000 (out of area)
  • Group #: 02014
  • Visit Website
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