J1 Degrees conferred between July 1, 2005 and June 30, 2006
J1 For each of the following discipline areas, provide the percentage of diplomas/certificates, associate, and bachelor's degrees awarded. To determine the percentage, use majors, not headcount (e.g., students with one degree but a double major will be represented twice). Calculate the percentage from your institution's IPEDS Completions by using the sum of 1st and 2nd majors for each CIP code as the numerator and the sum of the Grand Total by 1st Majors and the Grand Total by 2nd major as the denominator. If you prefer, you can compute the percentages using 1st majors only.
J1 Category Diploma/Certificates Associate Bachelor's CIP 2000 Categories to Include
J1 Agriculture       1
J1 Natural resources/environmental science     4% 3
J1 Architecture       4
J1 Area and ethnic studies     4% 5
J1 Communications/journalism       9
J1 Communication technologies       10
J1 Computer and information sciences     1% 11
J1 Personal and culinary services       12
J1 Education       13
J1 Engineering       14
J1 Engineering technologies       15
J1 Foreign languages and literature     10% 16
J1 Family and consumer sciences       19
J1 Law/legal studies       22
J1 English     12% 23
J1 Liberal arts/general studies       24
J1 Library science       25
J1 Biological/life sciences     8% 26
J1 Mathematics     3% 27
J1 Military science and technologies       29
J1 Interdisciplinary studies     3% 30
J1 Parks and recreation     3% 31
J1 Philosophy and religious studies     3% 38
J1 Theology and religious vocations       39
J1 Physical sciences     3% 40
J1 Science technologies       41
J1 Psychology     7% 42
J1 Security and protective services       43
J1 Public administration and social services       44
J1 Social sciences      23% 45
J1 Construction trades       46
J1 Mechanic and repair technologies       47
J1 Precision production       48
J1 Transportation and materials moving       49
J1 Visual and performing arts     10% 50
J1 Health professions and related sciences       51
J1 Business/marketing       52
J1 History     6% 54
J1 Other        
J1 TOTAL (should = 100%) 0.00% 0.00% 100.00%