At the conclusion of each semester, the academic records of all students working for undergraduate degrees are reviewed by the Academic Status Committee, a standing committee of the undergraduate faculty and selected administrators which considers matters related to a student's academic planning and progress. When a student's work does not meet the University's expectations, the committee determines what action will be taken regarding academic deficiencies including semester GPA below 2.0, cumulative GPA below 2.0, completion by a full-time student of fewer than 12 credits, or other serious academic difficulties as determined by the Committee. A student completing an average of 12 credits for each full-time semester at Willamette University is considered to be making satisfactory progress towards a degree, but would likely have difficulty finishing the degree within the four year time frame.

If academic performance falls below expected achievement, the student may be placed on academic probation. For the duration of the next semester that student is ineligible to participate in varsity athletics. The student is required to follow an academic support program that may include restrictions on curricular and cocurricular activities. They are also ineligible to hold any campus office and their financial aid status is subject to review by the Director of Financial Aid if their aid is received from the University. Other foundations or lenders may have their own requirements for satisfactory academic progress. It is strongly recommended that students placed on academic probation seek assistance from their academic advisor immediately.

If the student's academic record continues to fall below the expected level of achievement, they are subject to dismissal. It is strongly recommended that students placed on academic probation seek assistance from their academic advisor immediately. If academic performance warrants dismissal, the student is entitled to appeal for readmission to the University. Eligibility does not guarantee readmission and each student's application will be considered on a case by case basis.

Members of the Willamette Community are available to assist students when they are experiencing academic difficulties and students are encouraged to make contact with other individuals in both Campus Life and CAS who can be supportive.

Campus Life and Counseling Center

Concerns are brought by students to the committee in the form of a petition. Examples of the different types of petitions include requests for withdrawal after the designated final date to withdraw from a class, and extensions of an I grade received for incomplete work. Students desiring to register for more than 18 credits who are not in good academic standing and who do not have the concurrence of their academic advisor, may petition the Academic Status Committee for approval.

Petitions regarding departmental and major requirements should be directed to the department or program chair, and those involving general education requirements are also reviewed by the Associate Dean. Special majors should be directed to the Academic Programs Committee in care of the CAS Dean's Office and questions regarding the Writing program requirements should be forwarded to the Writing Program Advisory Committee.

The Academic Status Committee also reviews petitions involving academic dishonesty, generally plagiarism or cheating, in which a petition has been filed against the decision made by the Honor Council. These are serious charges and constitute grounds for dismissal from the College.

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