“My time at Chemawa has reinforced my professional goal of participating in Native American Law. I hope to work with legally terminated tribes to regain their Federal status under the law.”

-Lindsey Mizell, Willamette 2008

"A significant feature [of the Partnership] is the visible effort to include Chemawa students on Willamette’s campus, including the Indian Country Conversation presentations, athletics events, and college visits."
-Warner Austin, Chemawa Performing Arts Coordinator

The Willamette-Chemawa Partnership is the integral link between the two institutions. Our history is so deeply intertwined, it is essential that we continue working together.
-Mara Engle, Willamette 2009

"I think it is good to interact with college students. We are able to ask questions and it gives us perspectives on college."
-Aarick Lameman, Peer Tutor, Chemawa 2010

"I have taught some tutors about my native culture and even some of my native language."
-Jasmine Toledo, Peer Tutor, Chemawa 2009

“Altogether my experience at Chemawa was probably much more beneficial for me than any of the students I helped with Algebra or Social Studies.”
-Ben Zumeta, Willamette 2006

“What will always stay with me is my increased understanding and appreciation of Native American cultures and indigenous cultures in other parts of the world.”
-Amy Hagelin, Willamette 2008

"The most important significance of the partnership is establishing a working relationship with the community and also having additional resources like tutors to help students during a time when the school is faced with reduced staff and funding."
-Ryan Cox, Chemawa Assistant Principal Federal Programs

“My experiences at Chemawa have reinforced my passion for education, and my belief in its importance.”
-Danielle Espiritu, Willamette 2009

“The cultural and individual awareness that the Chemawa Program, in part, has helped me to develop will allow me to be a more compassionate and understanding member of my community.”
-Sierra Witte, Willamette 2008

Willamette University

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