Irkutsk, Russia


Designed for students at an either an intermediate or advanced level of Russian, the C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in Russia offers students a broad range of academic and cultural immersion in one of three distinct Russian cities. Intermediate students are encouraged to go to Yaroslavl, where integration and immersion is easier, while more advanced students can choose to study in Irkutsk or Moscow. All cities have distinct regional characteristics that provide students with a number of opportunities for immersion in both the language and the culture.


Students will take primarily Russian language and culture courses through the C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in Russia. Students with sufficient skills in Russian may also enroll in regular university classes with Russian students for more thorough immersion in the language and culture.


Students live with Russian host families in each program location.


This program is available during fall or spring semester for students taking only School in Russia courses. Students who wish to take some regular university classes are advised to participate in the spring semester only because the regular university semester ends in late January.

Fall semester beings in early September and ends in late December for School in Russia courses. Spring semester beings in early February and ends in late May for School in Russia courses. Regular university courses in spring semester will end in late June.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program. Students will pay housing costs directly to host families at the program location. More information about estimated costs can be found on the Middlebury website.


Middlebury School in Russia

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