Student Organizations


Contact: Denise Diaz & Francesca Florindez, Advisor: Catalina de Onis

The purpose of Alianza is to promote the Latinx culture as well as empower the outer Latin community in effort to seek a higher education. We will provide the campus with ethnic celebrations, films, speakers, and a supportive environment for multicultural students through potlucks, trips and other cultural gatherings.

Asian Coalition for Equality (ACE)

Contact: Ericka Bryan, Gia Dacayanan, & Ellie Nash, Advisor: Aili Zheng

The mission of the Asian Coalition for Equality (ACE) is to educate and promote interest and awareness of Asian American issues within the Willamette University community through the use of films, lectures, outings, and other events. ACE will also attend events of groups that we recognize in solidarity on campus. These include groups representing marginalized students, groups centered around activism, and groups holding educational or informational events. ACE is here to conduct Asian American education and activism, but we also seek to build connections and support other groups representing marginalized populations on campus.

Black Student Union (BSU)

Contact: Enku Castellanos & Lily Painter, Advisor: Amadou Fofana

The Black Student Union is dedicated to the unification and healing of African-Americans, people of African descent and others that are part of the African Diaspora through self-determination, cultural education, and academic excellence. Through the implementation of these principles and others, the Black Student Union will strive to continue the struggle for Black liberation and the liberation of all.

Chinese Taiwanese Culture Association (CTCA)

Contact: Yan Chen & Tara Hickman, Advisor: Huike Wen

The Chinese Taiwanese Culture Association (CTCA) strives to bridge the gap between Chinese, Chinese American, and Willamette Students and to facilitate communication among these cultures on the Willamette campus.

Hawai'i Club

Contact: Joelle Patricio & Dayton Towata, Advisor: Gordy Toyama

The Hawaii Club strives to produce a more comfortable environment for students, both from Hawaii and those interested in the culture. It provides a support group that participates in activities, service projects, and educational programs, especially through the luau put on at the end of the school year. It also functions as a transitional resource to assist students finding their niche at Willamette University.

Japan Studies Student Leaders (JSSL)

Contact:Kianna Lee & Cassidy Andrews, Advisor: Miho Fujiwara

JSSL is an organization open to all students interested in Japan, with the purpose of organizing engaging academic activities centered around Japanese culture, society, and language for the Willamette, TIUA, and Salem communities.

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

Contact: Sam Levy & Louis Polcin, Advisor: Gary Ellison

The JSU strives to provide a safe space for Jews and non-Jews to come together to learn more about the Jewish faith, culture, and heritage and celebrate Jewish holidays.

Native and Indigenous Student Union (NISU)

Contact: Adrianna Nicolay & Miranda Livers, Advisor: Rebecca Dobkin

The purpose of the Native and Indigenous Student Union is to enlighten its members to the cultural diversity of the Native American people. This association will help Native Americans to identify with an organization on campus and all other students of different origins to be enlightened by the activities, debates, and lectures this association may offer.

Rainbow Alliance

Contact: Sage Newman & Col Lockhard, Advisor: Rachel Steck

This group exists to provide and encourage the support, education, and visibility of gay/lesbian/bisexual concerns and issues in the Willamette/TIUA community. Its aim is to create an awareness and celebration of differing perspectives and lifestyles.

WU Causa

Contact: Maria Del Rocio Ortiz-Chavarria & Kloe Yem, Advisor: Catalina de Onís

CAUSA chapter is dedicated to civic engagement of its members through organizing, educating, and mobilizing Willamette and its surrounding communities. CAUSA chapter will attempt to raise awareness about pertinent issues affecting the immigrant community.


Contact: Tania Palafox & Brandon Miller 

QTPoC (Queer/Trans People of Color) is a student-run group that supports and celebrates the intersecting identities of being LGBTQ+ and a person of color. While QTPoC is not registered as an official OMA club, it still holds bi-weekly meetings and hosts events for its members. Past events have included film screenings, communal potlucks, forms of artistic expression and conference trips, to name a few. QTPoC is not open to allies in order to maintain a comfortable and non-invasive space.

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