Meet the Staff 2018-2019

  • Image of Gordon Toyama

    Gordon Toyama

    Director of Multicultural Affairs
  • Image of Karla Garcia Hernandez

    Karla Garcia Hernandez

    Department Assistant

    Year: Sophmore

    Hometown: Woodburn, OR

    Major: Politics, Policy, Law, and Ethics

    Minor: Sociology

    Job Description: As the Department Assistant I help out with logistics for OMA events, hiring and I send out email updates/newsletters to the OMA community.

  • Image of Brandon Miller

    Brandon Miller

    OMA Peer Advocate

    Year: Junior

    Hometown: Salem, OR

    Major: International Studies and Spanish 

    Job Description: The Peer Advocate is responsible for assisting OMA clubs and events. My personal goal is to encourage OMA club collaboration and create a strong relationship between the OMA and the greater Willamette community.  

  • Image of Maia Klug

    Maia Klug

    Co-Coordinator, Mosaics Mentoring Program

    Year: Senior

    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    Major: Sociology 

    Minor: Spanish, Civic Communication and Media

    Job Description: I work with first-year students and their mentors to make sure they feel prepared and at ease for their college career.

  • Image of Endy Zarate

    Endy Zarate

    Co-Coordinator, Mosaics Mentoring Program

    Year: Senior

    Hometown: Salem, OR

    Major: Economics

    Minor: Mathematics

    Job Description: As a Mosaics Co-Coordinator, I work with first-year students and their mentors to ensure that they are able to adapt and have the necessary support in their transition to college. 

  • Image of Lizzi Mendez

    Lizzi Mendez

    Supervisor: The Student Center for Equity and Empowerment

    Year: Senior

    Hometown: Salem, OR

    Major: Math

    Minor: French and Francophone Studies

    Job Description: As the E&E supervisor this year, my job is to help people feel comfortable using the new space. I coordinate scheduling and welcome feedback from students on how we can improve the space.

  • Image of Rebeca Lopez-Figueroa

    Rebeca Lopez-Figueroa

    Co-Coordinator, First-Generation Book Drive

    Year: Senior

    Hometown: Salem, OR

    Major: Sociology

    Minor: Politics

    Job Description: As the first-generation book drive coordinator my job is to facilitate the book drive, everything from collection, cataloging and distributing of books. I also serve as the contact person when students or other faculty have questions or concerns.

  • Image of Manuel Marcos Gutierrez

    Manuel Marcos Gutierrez

    Co-Coordinator, First-Generation Book Drive
    Year: Sophomore

    Hometown: Salem, OR

    Major: Undeclared

    Minor: Undeclared

    Job Description: I work with the First-Generation Book Drive in order to better support students as they transition into college life. I help with collecting and cataloging our books, as well as communicating with students directly.