Registration and Tickets

Online registration will open in mid-August. On site registration will be available during Family Weekend & Homecoming check in.

Ticketing and Registration Information

General Registration for Family Weekend & Homecoming

  • Cost: Free
  • Registering helps us make accommodations for everyone visiting campus.

Ticketed Events

We have many events that require tickets (free and paid). The prices will be listed in the online registration store.

Family Weekend & Homecoming Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register for Family Weekend & Homecoming?
We ask guests to pre-register (online) so we can plan for campus services and programs. On-site registration will be available during Family Weekend check-in.
2. When I click Register Online, the page says "error" and that it is "not available." What should I do?
If you encounter this problem, try using a different web browser. For instance, if you are currently using Internet Explorer and experience this problem, try using Firefox instead.
3. Do I need to register my student for Family Weekend & Homecoming?
No, you do not need to register your student for Family Weekend & Homecoming. This means you do not need to include your student in the number of people you RSVP for. However, for some ticketed events, you may need to purchase or reserve a ticket for your student. For information about purchasing tickets, see questions 4 & 5 below.
4. Do I have to purchase tickets for Family Weekend & Homecoming?
Some events, but not all of them, require tickets. The following events require tickets (subject to change):
  • Theatre Productions
  • Gourmet Brunch 
  • Minto-Brown Walk and Picnic
  • Featured Entertainment 
  • Some athletic events
5. Do I need to purchase tickets for my student?
If you’d like to attend a ticketed event with your student, you will need to purchase a student ticket for all events except:
  • Gourmet Brunch: If your student is on a meal plan, the brunch counts as a board meal and you do not need to purchase a ticket for them. Students without meal plans (including sorority members and ICL students) will need brunch tickets (which are available at the student rate).
  • Comedy Show: Students receive free admission. They will need to bring their Willamette ID card to the show for entry.
6. When will I receive the tickets I’ve ordered?
You will receive all of your tickets, except theatre tickets, at Family Weekend & Homecoming check-in. Theatre tickets must be picked up at the theatre ticket box-office when you arrive on campus.
7. If I’m arriving outside of the check-in times, what should I do?
The best thing to do is to have your student check-in for you. They will be able to pick up your information packets and any tickets and/or shirts you may have purchased.


If you require disability accommodation for this event, contact the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at 503-370-6195

Translation Services

Willamette University provides language interpreters upon request. If you or a member of your family desires interpretation services, contact the Office of Student Activities at 503-370-6463 before arriving on campus.
 Si usted tiene preguntas adicionales, necesita asistencia para registrarse, o le gustaria hacer una petición para que alguno de los programas le sea interpretado en Español, favor de contactar 503-370-6842.


If you have questions about Family Weekend & Homecoming contact the Office of Student Activities at 503-370-6463 or email the Family Weekend Coordinator at