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Ticketing and Registration Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Family Weekend 2020 has been cancelled.

Family Weekend & Homecoming Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register for Family Weekend?

We ask guests to pre-register (online) so we can plan for campus services and programs. On-site registration will be available during Family Weekend check-in.

2. When I click Register Online, the page says "error" and that it is "not available." What should I do?

If you encounter this problem, try using a different web browser. For instance, if you are currently using Internet Explorer and experience this problem, try using Chrome instead.

3. Do I need to register my student for Family Weekend?

No, you do not need to register your student for Family Weekend & Homecoming. This means you do not need to include your student in the number of people you RSVP for. However, for some ticketed events, you may need to purchase or reserve a ticket for your student. For information about purchasing tickets, see questions 4 & 5 below.

4. Do I have to purchase tickets for Family Weekend?

Some events, but not all of them, require tickets. The following events require tickets (subject to change):

  • Gourmet Brunch 
  • Minto-Brown Walk
  • Featured Entertainment 
  • Some athletic events
5. Do I need to purchase tickets for my student?

If you’d like to attend a ticketed event with your student, you will need to purchase a student ticket for all events except:

  • Gourmet Brunch: If your student is on a meal plan, the brunch counts as a board meal and you do not need to purchase a ticket for them. Students without meal plans (including sorority members and ICL students) will need brunch tickets (which are available at the student rate).
  • Featured Entertainment: Students receive free admission. They will need to bring their Willamette ID card to the show for entry.
6. When will I receive the tickets I’ve ordered?

You will receive all of your tickets, except theatre tickets, at Family Weekend & Homecoming check-in. Theatre tickets must be picked up at the theatre ticket box-office when you arrive on campus.

7. If I’m arriving outside of the check-in times, what should I do?

The best thing to do is to have your student check-in for you. They will be able to pick up your information packets and any tickets and/or shirts you may have purchased.


If you require disability accommodation for this event, contact the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at 503-370-6195

Translation Services

Willamette University provides language interpreters upon request. If you or a member of your family desires interpretation services, contact the Office of Student Activities at 503-370-6463 before arriving on campus.

 Si usted tiene preguntas adicionales, necesita asistencia para registrarse, o le gustaria hacer una petición para que alguno de los programas le sea interpretado en Español, favor de contactar 503-370-6842.


If you have questions about Family Weekend & Homecoming contact the Office of Student Activities at 503-370-6463 or email the Family Weekend Coordinator at

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