Mini-University Sessions

Get a feel for the academic environment at Willamette by attending a mini-university session led by faculty or students. 

Saturday October 12

Ricardo De Mambro Santos (Art History), Ford 122

The Day Leonardo Met Picasso.

The lecture will explore the stunning modernity of artworks created by "early modern" masters such as Leonardo and Michelangelo in order to examine how Renaissance artists represented practices of faith, gender identity and political ideas.

Richard Watkins (Physics), Smullin 129

The Big Bang and Beyond:  Making Sense of the Universe

Ever wonder what’s out there? This session will start with a tour of the universe and a discussion of how cosmologists get their heads around it. We’ll then turn our attention to understanding how the universe evolves in time and what it means that the universe began in a Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. Finally, we’ll discuss some recent discoveries that give us confidence that the Big Bang theory is correct while also presenting us with new mysteries.

Warren Binford (Law), Paulus Lecture Hall (College of Law, 201)

4 Days in Clint

4 Days in Clint is a firsthand account of what Willamette Law professor and international children’s rights expert Warren Binford discovered when she and her colleagues walked into the Clint Border Patrol Facility on a routine monitoring visit outside of El Paso, Texas, in June 2019. Professor Binford’s talk will include direct quotations from the children’s sworn declarations to ensure that their voices and stories are known to and amplified by the American public.

Meredy Goldberg Edelson (Psychology & WGS), Smullin 129

The Gendering of Psychological Diagnosis

Mental illnesses are diagnosed in both males and females, but certain diagnoses seem to be more “gendered” than others.  We will examine the symptoms of some of the most "gendered" diagnoses, discuss why certain diagnoses seem "gendered," and discuss the implications of "gendered" mental illnesses.

Josh Laison (Mathematics), Ford 122

Exploring Graph Pebbling Puzzles and Problems

Graph pebbling is a fun collection of puzzles and an active field of mathematical research.  In this session we'll play some versions of the graph pebbling game and discover some pebbling theorems recently published by Willamette students.


Peter Harmer (Exercise and Health Science), Smullin 129

Fit, fat, functional: Two out of three ain't bad 

Obesity is a major health problem in the USA. However, weight loss is not necessarily a guarantee of the best health and excess fat is not necessarily an impediment to physical performance. This lecture will examine the complex interactions between body composition, physical performance and health.

11:00AM -11:50AM
Ron Sticka (Alumnus), Ford 122

Music for Positive Mental Health

Improving mental health care is a hot topic these days. Come be entertained as well as challenged by Ron Sticka '69 (veteran and executive director of the Kim Sticka PTSD Music and Arts Foundation) during a lecture on the theme of "Music for Positive Mental Health." Ron will discuss the interplay of scientific principles in conjunction with the emotion evoking and healing qualities of music and other art forms.