Transfer and Non-Traditional Students

Opening Days is important and fun for all new Willamette students. Most of the scheduled activities are relevant to everyone, including traditional, transfer and nontraditional students. Additionally, we provide programming which is tailored specifically for transfer and nontraditional students.

We recognize that the needs of transfer and non-traditional first-year students are often different than those of traditional first-year students.

We've customized the group activities and leader training to suit the needs of students who've already been to college! All transfer students have the opportunity to join a traditional Opening Days group and participate in all activities presented during the Opening Days program. Transfer students living on campus and non-traditionally aged first-year students are encouraged to be an active member of their transfer-specific Opening Days group. Transfer students who are living off-campus as well as volleyball, soccer and football student athletes are encouraged to participate in the Speed Orientation (Friday, August 21program instead.


Speed Orientation Program

Friday, August 21st
Cat Cavern, Putnam University Center, 2nd floor


9:00 am - Program check-in and breakfast

9:15 am - Welcome Program

9:30 am - General Education Overview

10:15 am - Academic Support Overview

10:45 am - Library and Technology Resources (bring your laptop if you have one)

12:00 pm - Group lunch

1:00 pm - Face to Face Campus Tour

Afternoon and weekend optional events are available - see your Opening Days program


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