Beta Theta Pi

Mission and Vision Statement

Mission: To develop men of principle for a principled life.

Vision: Every member will live Beta Theta Pi’s values

Gamma Sigma Chapter’s Motto: "We are born for mutual assistance."


The newest fraternity at Willamette University, Beta Theta Pi is dedicated to developing men of principle for a principled life. Our brotherhood aids the individual builds the Fraternity and strengthens the host academic institution through lifelong devotion to intellectual excellence, high standards of moral conduct and responsible citizenship. The Fraternity, founded in 1839 at Miami University (Ohio), has nearly 130,000 living members including some 9,000 collegians on 131 campuses in the United States and Canada.

Beta Theta Pi was one of the first national fraternities to be founded at Willamette when the Miami Triad (Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, and Sigma Chi) was installed on January 4, 1947 by a Beta, Dr. G. Herbert Smith (G. Herb), the president of Willamette University at the time. It was the first time the Miami Triad was founded at the same time on a university campus. 

Notable Betas from the Gamma Sigma Chapter include:

Mark Odom Hatfield '43 - Former U.S. Senator from Oregon and Governor of Oregon
Thomas Bartlett ’51 - Rhodes Scholar and Univ. of Alabama System Chancellor
Robert W. Packwood ’54 - Former U.S. Senator from Oregon
Dennis Smith ’60 - Former U.S. Representative from Oregon
Dale Mortensen ’61 - Nobel Prize Winner; Economics
Neil Everett ’84 (Willamette/Univ. of Oregon) - ESPN SportsCenter Anchor 
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General Information

Beta’s Men of Principle initiative is not a localized idea; rather it is a message that transcends cultures and can resonate on every campus. The message is simple: times change, principles do not. Entrepreneurial in spirit and ambitious at heart, we are recruiting men who believe in the mission of the organization. It is our goal to align our fraternity with the founding ideals set forth by our eight founders in 1839. Beta’s success, coupled with 175 years of tradition, leadership, and commitment to excellence, has proven to be what college men today are looking for in a fraternity.

Beta Theta Pi Executive Officers

Chapter President Ben Fritz,
VP of Finance Angel Espinoza,
VP of Communication Daniel Fang,
VP of Recruitment Nate Howard,
VP of Education Andy Theil,
VP of Programming & Philanthropy  Jon Hitchcock,
VP of Risk Management Cullen Burke,
VP of Brotherhood Greg Wells,

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