Firearm/Weapons Policy

Willamette University has a zero tolerance policy regarding firearms, weapons, and simulated weapons on campus. Firearms and other types of weapons, including simulated weapons, are not allowed on Willamette University property, in University vehicles, or at University-sponsored events off-campus. Possession, use, or threatened use of firearms, ammunition, explosives, or other objects used as weapons is prohibited. Standard pocket knives are not considered weapons.

1. Persons who possess a concealed weapons permit are NOT exempt from this policy.

2. Weapons for the purpose of sport, hunting, games, or any benign reason may be stored at the Office of Campus Safety by pre-arrangement.

3. Anyone who observes or has knowledge of someone violating this policy should immediately report the incident to Campus Safety.

4. Campus Safety officers have the right to confiscate weapons from persons in violation of this policy. These weapons will be secured in the Campus Safety office while an investigation is conducted.

5. Failure to adhere to the University's firearms/weapons policy or failure to cooperate in an investigation is grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including include termination or dismissal.

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