Name and Logo Imprint Policy

In order to ensure that all merchandise projects are image consistent with Willamette's policies and positions, a more formal process for gaining approval was established in 2000. The University has implemented a policy that guides us to evaluate the use of our image and identity in clothing and gifts as it relates to the University position against “sweatshop” labor.

Any department, employee, student group or affiliated/sponsoring group that uses the University name, logo or affiliated image (e.g., “WU,” the compass logo, shield, “Willamette,” “Willamette University,” “Bearcats,” the Bearcat paw or head, the Willamette seal, College of Law, Willamette Law, College of Law seal, School of Education, Willamette MAT, Atkinson Graduate School of Management, Willamette MBA) must fill out an “Imprint Request Form” and be formally approved before the purchase or placement of an order for the manufacturing of an item. This includes all items, from pens to T-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, etc.

The University will review the requested item, evaluate the intended imprint and seek to insure that the manufacturer complies with our anti-sweatshop code of conduct. Imprint Request forms can be found on the University website at . Contact the Office of Administrative Services with questions or for additional information. If an incident of noncompliance occurs, then the matter will be referred to the appropriate administrative official for action.

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