Responsibilities of Skateboarders and Bicyclists

  1. Pedestrians always have the right of way; it is the responsibility of individuals skateboarding or cycling to avoid pedestrians and to courteously yield the right of way.

  2. Skateboarding and cycling activities are limited solely to members of the Willamette University community.

  3. Reckless skateboarding is not permitted on the University campus. ”Reckless” includes but is not limited to jumping on steps and rails, skating which damages University property, or behavior which may intimidate or harass others.

  4. Trick skateboarding is not allowed:

    • In any areas with decorative brick paving
    • Within 20 feet of entrances to buildings
    • On the Tennis Courts
    • After Residence Hall quiet hours
    • If it inhibits the normal function of any University area
    • On raised platforms and concrete structures

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