Willamette University is committed to providing a high quality student experience. When new fees or changes to existing fees are proposed that directly or indirectly impact students, the university has a process to evaluate and decide what is best in serving our students.


Requests for new fees or changes to existing fees may be submitted via a standard electronic form according to an annual timeline, beginning in the fall and ending in early spring of each academic year. Tuition, housing, and existing mandatory fees are addressed through a separate process. University Fiscal Officers (UFOs) are responsible for vetting and submitting their units’ requests, including the rationale for the fee or fee change. Each request must address how the fee adds to the quality of the student experience, what it will be used for, and why it should be charged in addition to tuition. Fees are categorized by type with a corresponding level of review and approval required:

Type of Fee Category Required Stakeholder Input Approver
Tuition I University Council, Student Budget Advisory Committee Board of Trustees
Housing, Dining & Summer Conferences II University Council, Student Budget Advisory Committee SVP & VP of Finance
Bundled Mandatory Student Fees
(examples: Service/Activity Fee, Wellness Fee, WEMS Fee, Class Fee, Reading Fee)
III UFOs & most appropriate VP/Dean(s), Student Budget Advisory Committee SVP & VP of Finance
Academic & Co-Curricular Self-Sustaining Program Fees
(examples: Summer and Post-Session, Extended Ed, Student Engagement & Leadership Fees, Campus Rec Fees, Athletics Fees, Test Prep Fees, Housing Fee, Orientation Fee)
III UFOs & most appropriate VP/Dean(s), Student Budget Advisory Committee SVP & VP of Finance
Service Fees
(examples: Application Fee, Late Fees, Transcript Fees, Graduation Fees, Community Action Fund for Equity and Sustainability, Student Health Insurance, Student Insurance Administrative Fee, Parking Fees & Citations)
III UFOs & most appropriate VP/Dean(s), Student Budget Advisory Committee SVP & VP of Finance
Course & Lab Fees
(examples: Art Class Supply Fee, Science Lab Supply Fee)
IV UFOs & most appropriate Dean(s), Budget Advisory Council (CAS), Academic Programs Committee (CAS) SVP & VP of Finance
Other Fees
(examples: Internal fees; external community fees, event fees)
V UFOs & most appropriate VP/Dean(s) SVPs & VP of Finance


The following process will result in a comprehensive list of fees that will be published by May 31st each year for the subsequent fiscal year.

Category I

From August to early October, University Services will solicit and gather feedback from the stakeholders regarding tuition recommendations. The President and Senior Vice Presidents will incorporate the feedback from stakeholders and determine a recommendation to present to the Board of Trustees in October. The Board of Trustees will set tuition for all academic programs for the subsequent academic year at the October board meeting.

Category II

Financial Operations and Student Affairs will work together in September to provide a set of recommended room rates by room type and board rates by meal plan to the President and Senior Vice Presidents for approval in October.

Category III-V

Financial Operations will oversee a process to collect fee proposals and ensure compliance with this policy.

Category III-V new fee requests and changes to existing fees must be submitted through the fee request and change form by December 31. The form requires a submitter to provide an amount, a description, a rationale for the fee, details about the fee collection and refund process and a projected revenue and expense budget. Fees must be labeled as permanent or temporary at the date of submission. Temporary fees will require an expiration date. Financial Operations will solicit annual approval of unchanged fees en masse.

Financial Operations will compile Category III-V fee requests and work with the appropriate UFO to solicit feedback from the required stakeholders for the category of fee during January.

Financial Operations will present fees that have gone through the process to the Senior Vice Presidents for approval in February. Financial Operations will provide the results to Student Accounts, Financial Aid and UFO’s by the end of February.

Status: This policy was approved 11/13/17

Effective Date: 12/1/17

Last Revision Date: 12/1/17

Last Review Date: 12/1/17

Next Anticipated Review: 12/1/19

Responsible University Administrator: Dan Valles/Jennifer Lawrence

Responsible University Office: Financial Operations

Primary Policy Contact:
Dan Valles

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