You can receive assistance through the QUAD Center either on a drop-in basis or by setting up an appointment at least 12 hours ahead of time. Drop-in assistance may involve some waiting if there are already appointments scheduled or in progress, but the student assistant on duty can give you a rough idea of how long the wait might be when you arrive.

Assistance and appointments are currently handled by going directly to WISE

How to join the QUAD group in WISE:

First, you must join the QUAD Center WISE group; this needs to be done only once by logging into WISE, clicking the “Membership” menu on the left side of the WISE page, then clicking on “Joinable Sites,” and finally scrolling through the pages to find the “QUAD” option.

Once you have joined the QUAD group, you will select a day and time based upon availability and possibly upon the type of issue you are seeking help with. (See the bios and schedules for the student assistants here on the main QUAD web page under "Staff".) If the student assistant believes it will be important to have some faculty-level input on your questions, they will contact Dr. Stewart (Professor of Psychology and Center Director) to help arrange for additional support.

Before you reserve an appointment time, the following are important things to note when signing up:

  1. When you make an appointment, other students seeking to reserve a time will see only that certain time slots have been filled. They won’t be able to see your name or other identifying information.
  2. When you reserve a time, your information will be visible and available to all QUAD Center staff (Professor Stewart and all student assistants), and not just to the assistant with whom you have made an appointment. This helps the staff work together (e.g., to share relevant expertise in advance of an appointment) and to better understand the broad range of questions that students are bringing to the Center. Beyond this cooperative arrangement for the staff, however, no personally identifying information will be shared with others (e.g., your course instructor) without your permission.
  3. The Center staff abides by the University guidelines for academic honesty. For example, it would not normally be appropriate for an assistant to provide help with something like a take-home exam. If there is any uncertainty about whether your instructor would permit outside assistance with the assignment or question that you have, it is your responsibility as a student to clarify that with your instructor before getting help at the Center. Thus, responsibility for abiding by University guidelines for academic honesty resides with you, the student. However, the Director of the QUAD Center reserves the right to discuss violations of the academic honesty policy with the instructor.
  4. Reserving a time is a commitment to a visit. If you have reserved a time, it means that another student who might have wanted that time must find an alternative. As a courtesy to your fellow students and to the QUAD assistants, please be sure to arrive promptly at the start time you reserved. If you are late and there are others seeking drop-in assistance, you might have to wait until those people have been helped.
  5. When you reserve a time slot, be sure to click the “add-a-comment” link to provide a very brief description of the question(s) you have and any course or project it might be related to. Typical meetings might require 15-30 minutes, at least in the initial visit. Some meetings may extend beyond the time period if needed, and additional meetings can be scheduled on subsequent days.
  6. Some questions can be handled easily in a single visit, but assistance can often require more than one. For example, with more complex questions, a brief initial meeting might help clarify your needs, and then the assistant might have to do a bit of background work before meeting with you again to provide more detailed and extensive support. The assistant can help you arrange the followup appointment.
  7. In cases where several students in a class have similar questions, such as with a group project or special review topic, small groups can arrange to meet with a Center assistant. Only one person should reserve a time through the WISE system, but the brief note you provide when you reserve your time should inform the assistant of how many will be in your group.


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