The Center for Quantitative Understanding, Analysis, and Design (“QUAD”) aims to support undergraduate and graduate students and faculty at Willamette in their efforts to develop and apply quantitative reasoning skills. In particular, the QUAD Center provides tutoring in Statistics, Computer Science, and Data Science. The QUAD center supports computing in a variety of languages (including R, Python, and SQL) as well as software (including GIS, Jamovi, and Excel).  

Resources and Support

The QUAD Center creates a welcoming environment for all students from any discipline, no matter what stage they are at in their data journey. Students can come to the QUAD to receive help on study design, data cleaning, data visualization, analysis, modeling, and data communication.  

More information can be found on our QUAD Resources page.

The Center is designed to:

Assist people not just with data collection and analysis but also with their efforts to interpret, critically evaluate, and incorporate quantitative information into papers and other projects or assignments. Quantitative information properly collected and interpreted is often a central component of well-constructed arguments. Not everyone carries out studies or performs quantitative analysis on raw data, but virtually everyone "consumes" quantitative information generated by others. When we write persuasive papers, advocate for policies, wrestle with personal decisions, and engage in other forms of argumentation, a sound understanding and interpretation of quantitative information can be critical. We must also then be able to use such information effectively in writing, speaking, and other forms of communication.

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