Transfer Credit Policies

Students may apply a maximum of 16 transfer credits toward a Willamette degree. Six quarter hours or four semester hours of transfer credit equal one Willamette Credit. In most cases, courses taken at regionally accredited colleges or universities will receive full credit if they are comparable to courses offered at Willamette, or otherwise consistent with the goals and standards of Willamette's undergraduate degree programs. Courses with grades below C- (C minus) will not receive credit. Transfer courses are not used in computing the Willamette University grade point average. To be eligible for transfer credit, college courses must be described in the college catalog and recorded on the college transcript.

Once matriculated at Willamette University, students must submit a Transfer Credit Request form prior to enrolling in proposed transfer courses. Current students thinking about taking a class during the summer and transferring the credit to Willamette University should complete a Transfer Credit Decision Aid form.

At least 15 degree credits must be earned in residence at Willamette University, and at least 8 of the final 10 degree credits must be earned in residence or in Willamette-sponsored off-campus study programs.

In most cases, college credits earned prior to secondary school graduation, including those earned in concurrent (or dual) enrollment programs, will receive full transfer credit.

Willamette University encourages student participation in the Advanced Placement (AP) program sponsored by the College Board, the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, and concurrent (or dual) enrollment programs. No college credit is granted for College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Many AP scores of "4" and "5" will be granted a minimum of one credit (4 semester hours). Willamette will grant one credit (4 semester hours) for many IB Higher Level examinations passed with a score of "5" and up to two credits for many Higher Level exams passed with a score of "6" or "7". Willamette will also grant one additional credit to students who earn the full IB Diploma with a score of 30 or above. Willamette maintains current listings of AP and IB course equivalencies.

For students admitted as first year students, no more than eight Willamette credits (the equivalent of 32 semester or 48 quarter credit hours) will be awarded for courses taken prior to matriculation. This includes college, AP, IB, and concurrent (or dual) enrollment credits.

Students should consult the Office of the Registrar with any questions regarding the transferability of credits.

Students admitted as transfer students with an Associate of Arts degree from an accredited community college will be automatically granted 15 Willamette University credits (junior standing) upon entrance. Students transferring from Tokyo International University (TIU) in the Scholarship Exchange Program will be automatically granted 16 Willamette Credits (junior standing) upon entrance.

Satisfaction of specific general education requirements will be determined on the basis of a course-by-course evaluation of the transcript(s).

Students admitted as transfer students with an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree will automatically have satisfied many general education requirements, leaving the upper-division writing-centered course, the study in a language other than English, and (for Fall 2019 and later) the practicum component. The language requirement may be satisfied by transferring in language courses.

Any student receiving GI Bill education benefits while attending Willamette University is required to obtain transcripts from military training and all previously attended schools and submit them to the school for review of prior credit.
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