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Frequently asked questions

1. My reservation request is still in Confirmation Pending status. When will it be confirmed?

Be sure you answered all the questions in the email response you received from the Scheduling Office. We might be waiting for an answer about setup details. If you have answered all the questions, send the Scheduling Office an email asking about the status of your reservation.

2. When I’m making the reservation request in EMS, how do I know which times to use?

Indicate the actual start time and end time of the event. The Scheduling Office adds the setup and clean up times later.

3. I submitted a reservation for a meeting and now I need to change the time.

If the reservation is in Confirmation Pending status, please go into EMS and make the edits. If the reservation is in Confirmed status, please email us with any updates.

4. How do we request things like a podium and registration table with chairs for our event?

With the reservation open in the EMS portal, select “Extra Furnishings,” and choose a rectangular table, 6-foot or 8-foot, and other items. Feel free to type a note about placement instructions. 

5. I am planning an event but I don’t know how to find the most suitable space for it?

Look at the room descriptions and diagrams on the website and feel free to email the Scheduling Office to ask for recommendations.

6. When I reserve Cat Cavern, Alumni Lounge or Montag Den, what are the differences in the setup types and how do I know which one to choose?

Here is a summary: 

  • Banquet = round tables with 8 chairs
  • Theater = chairs in a row with an aisle
  • Info Fair = rectangular tables with 2 chairs each around room perimeter 
  • Reception = 3-5 round tables with chairs, open space for mingling
Remember to include the number of people in the "Estimated Event Attendance" field so the facilities team will know how many chairs and tables are needed


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