Sparks Center Reservations

Starting Fall 2017, student organizations requesting space in Sparks Center facility need to be aware of potential fees. Organizations might decide to alter their programs or events based on these changes so please read this portion thoroughly. These changes were made to ensure that the facility was operating along the best practices for risk management.

Please note that all reservations will be considered REQUESTS and can only be approved if Campus Recreation can meet the staffing needs. In some cases, the organization may need to alter the scope of their program and planning to meet the capacity of the departments and its staff.

For most Sparks facilities, this change does not affect reservations occurring during regular hours. However, the hours are slightly different than past years.

Sparks Center Facilities Include:

-          Henkle Gym

-          Cone Fieldhouse

-          Sparks Field

-          Multipurpose Room 1 and 2

-          Sparks Pool

Sparks Center Facility Reservations

For any Sparks Center facilities reservations outside regular hours (listed below), there is a $15/hour fee to keep the building open. This includes general access to any of the Sparks facilities and planned programs or events.

Fall 2017 Hours

Monday-Thursday 6am-11pm

Friday 6am-9pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 10am-9pm


Sparks Pool Reservations

Any pool usage must be requested through Campus Recreation. Groups can request to use Open Lap Swim time but this is not guaranteed since this pool time is reserved for lap swimmers.

For any pool reservations, only lifeguards through Campus Recreation can staff the pool. This rate is $15/hour/lifeguard*. To comply with state laws on lifeguard, there must be one lifeguard present for every 15 people in the pool AND on deck (the perimeter of the pool) with a minimum of two lifeguards present at any event. Additionally, for any time period over 1 hour, an additional lifeguard is needed to provide adequate break rotations. Lastly, if the activity is scheduled outside of regular hours, there will also be a $15/hour building manager fee.

*Requests should be submitted with AT LEAST one week’s (seven days’) notice. Requests received within one week of the requested reservation will be charged 1.5 the original cost.

Lifeguard Chart – Ratio of people to guards and fee range

0-30 people

30-45 people

45-60 people

60-75 people

≤1 hour = 2 guards

≤1 hour = 3 guards

≤1 hour = 4 guards

≤1 hour = 5 guards

>1 hour to ≤3 hours

= 3 guards

>1 hour to ≤3 hours

= 4 guards

>1 hour to ≤3 hours

= 5 guards

>1 hour to ≤3 hours

= 6 guards




$75 - $270


Questions about reservations can be directed to the Department of Campus Recreation at <campusrec-info>

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