Willamette University is committed to the health, safety, and well-being of each member of the university community. In order to further student learning, development and success and to promote the University’s academic mission, the University fosters an environment of personal and collective responsibility and respectful citizenship. All members of the university community have a role in safeguarding a healthy learning and work environment free of the consequences of alcohol misuse. This alcohol policy is intended to support this environment and serve the following objectives:

  • To promote legal and responsible behavior around alcohol use by members of the University community;
  • To provide standards for the use and service of alcohol in our community, with an intent to encourage responsible decision-making;
  • To aid individuals experiencing difficulties associated with the use of alcohol.


Residential Space - For the purpose of this policy, a “residential space” is defined as a student’s contracted room, suite, or apartment in a residence hall.

Non-Residential Space - A “non-residential space” is defined as any location on campus other than a residential space as defined above. non-residential spaces include, but are not limited to, hallways, kitchens, lounges, bathrooms, and study rooms in residential facilities, campus grounds, athletic fields, student organization offices and facilities, faculty/staff offices, and all other University buildings, grounds, and vehicles.

Registered Event - A registered event is an event on the University campus or sponsored by the University, its employees, or students as part of their employment, education, or student activities, that has been approved through the process outlined in this policy.


Prohibited Use and Possession of Alcohol

  1. The University prohibits the unlawful use, abuse, sale, purchase, transfer, possession, manufacture, distribution, or dispensing of alcohol by students and employees on University property or as part of any University activity. The legal drinking age in the state of Oregon is twenty-one (21) years of age. In accordance with Oregon law, providing alcohol to any person who is under the age of 21 or who is visibly intoxicated is prohibited. Any person under 21 years of age is likewise prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol.
  2. The University prohibits the use of common source containers, such as kegs, on campus except with the prior written permission as outlined below.

Permitted Use of Alcohol on Campus and at University Events

  1. Alcohol use and possession is allowed only in the following circumstances: residential spaces on campus if all individuals present are over the age of 21. Persons under 21 years of age are not permitted to host or participate in events involving alcohol in residential spaces. Common source containers are prohibited in residential spaces.
  2. Employees over the age of 21 may consume alcohol at Registered Events or in the course of official University business. Employees must exhibit responsible behavior and good judgment when representing Willamette University and must always be fit to perform their duties during working hours and at University events.
  3. Alcohol may be served and consumed in non-residential spaces at registered events that have been approved by the Alcohol Review Committee. The Alcohol Review Committee is comprised of representatives from: Student Affairs, Campus Safety, University Scheduling, and the University’s food service partner (e.g., Bon Appetit), and other members as deemed appropriate by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

How to Register an Event:

Alcohol may be served and consumed at an approved Registered Event. To register an event for approval:

  1. Each event must identify a host/organizer. A host must submit an Alcohol Request Form for review by the Alcohol Review Committee.
  2. For students: Only currently registered students and employees at least 21 years of age may register an employment-related or student-affiliated event that includes alcohol. Proof of age may be required. For student-affiliated events, the university assigned advisor and department/school (e.g., WUCL, CAS, AGSM) must approve the request in advance prior to advancing to the Alcohol Review Committee.
  3. Requests must be submitted at least twelve (12) days in advance of the event. Scheduling, licensing with Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), and other considerations determine how much time is necessary for planning. Any proposal submitted less than l4 days before the planned event is not guaranteed a review.
  4. The request must confirm the following University rules will be followed:

    1. If there are any charges (for entry, alcohol, etc.), event planners must explicitly outline this in their request in advance of the planned event.
    2. Student Fees at Willamette University will not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages (although they may be used to pay set-up and other fees associated). Alcoholic beverages must be sold on a “no-host” basis and may not be included in the price of admission for events hosted by student organizations.
    3. Alcohol will not be the sole focus of the event. Non-alcoholic drinks (excluding mixers) must be made available in quantity, prominence, and accessibility at least equal to that of the alcoholic beverages to be served.
    4. Food in sufficient quantity and quality is available for the number of guests anticipated whenever alcoholic beverages are to be served and will be a consideration in the approval process. (Please see the OLCC requirements for more information.)
  1. The Alcohol Review Committee shall respond in writing informing the host whether the event has been approved as a Registered Event or has been denied. Notes: Advertised events involving the distribution of alcoholic beverages must be approved before publicity is distributed. In an event of sufficient size and/or depending on the location (example: Hallie Ford), security may be required as part of the approval process in order to ensure the safety of others and property.

Host Responsibilities:

An event’s host(s) is/are responsible for the event and must be available and able to respond to concerns for the duration of the event. In the case of a student-organized event, at the discretion of the approving administrative office, an event of sufficient size may be required to have multiple individuals fulfilling host responsibilities.

Specifically, for all events the host(s) agrees to ensure:

  1. All applicable laws, policies, and procedures are followed.
  1. Alcoholic beverages are served and consumed in approved designated spaces that have been reserved and approved for the function. The area where alcohol is consumed must be clearly marked and controlled entrances/exits.
  1. The Registered Event only occurs during the approved time period.

For on-campus events, the host agrees to ensure:

  1. A copy of the approved registration form (and, if applicable, the OLCC special events permit) must be posted in a readily visible place (i.e., in close proximity to the place where alcohol is likely to be present) at all registered events for the duration of the event.
  1. The entity licensed by OLCC and contracted by the University (e.g., Bon Appetit) is utilized in the sale or distribution of alcohol at an on-campus event. Sale in this context is broadly defined to include any charge or fee for service, membership, admission, cups, club dues, donations, beverages, etc. An OLCC certified server must be present to dispense drinks. The server is responsible for checking proof of legal age for anyone who wishes to drink alcoholic beverages.
  1. The area used for an activity at which alcohol is served or consumed will be cleaned by users immediately following the activity unless an alternative written arrangement has been made. This includes removal of all alcohol from public areas. The host, or the host’s department or student organization is responsible for damages and cleaning expenses.

For off-campus events, the host agrees to ensure:

  1. The entity serving alcohol is licensed by OLCC for the sale or distribution of alcohol. Sale in this context is broadly defined to include any charge or fee for service, membership, admission, cups, club dues, donations, beverages, etc. An OLCC certified server must be present to dispense drinks. The server is responsible for checking proof of legal age for anyone who wishes to drink alcoholic beverages.
  1. Alcohol will not be contracted for without an approved alcohol permit and an approved certificate of insurance.

Note: For further information or questions on this policy and the procedures described, please consult with the Office of Student Affairs. Campus Safety officers or other authorized University staff members may terminate any event if they determine that the event does not adhere to this policy or other Campus rules.

University Resources for Community Members

The University has resources to educate members of the University community about the dangers of alcohol abuse and available resources for alcohol counseling, rehabilitation, and employee assistance programs.

Effective Date: 3/1/2020
Last Review Date: 1/6/2020
Next Anticipated Review: 1/6/2021
Responsible Person/Primary Contact: Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Responsible University Office: Student Affairs

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