Albert Prize

Created by a bequest of Joseph H. Albert, this prize is awarded to the student who, having maintained good standing in scholarship during the last year, has grown in capacity, ability and performance to have a positive effect on their peers.

  • Winner: Garrett Maltzan

Frank Meyer Student Life Award

This awards was renamed in 1994 to honor the 27 years of service provided by former Vice President for Student Affairs, Frank Meyer. It is presented to a student whose outstanding leadership and contributions have improved the quality of student life at the university.

  • Winner: Shannon Tebbets

Jessie E. West Award

Named in honor of Jessie E. West '14, Willamette's first female student body president, this award is presented to two students for outstanding leadership and contribution to the student body through both their positions and their actions.

  • Winner: Hannah Levy
  • Winner: Mitch Diaz

Colonel Percey Willis Prize

A prize to the student who has displayed virtues of diligence, reliability, and responsibility through deeds and service to fellow students and the university.

  • Winner: John Kingsley


Franklin D. Meyer Student Ambassador Award

Presented to tour guides, outreach ambassadors or overnight hosts who best demonstrate the ability to make visits by prospective students and families most informative and enjoyable.

  • Winner: Anna Brase
  • Winner: Nick Mead


Female Senior Scholar Athlete Award

This award honors the top male academic performer and the top female academic performer from the student-athlete senior class, recognizing athletes who excel in the classroom.

  • Winner: Molly Bond

Male Senior Scholar Athlete Award

This award honors the top male academic performer and the top female academic performer from the student-athlete senior class, recognizing athletes who excel in the classroom.

  • Winner: Tyler Highley

Bishop Wellness Center

Outstanding Contribution to Campus Wellness

This award recognizes individuals or groups who promote wellness on campus.

  • Winner: Shannon Ross

Campus Recreation

Willamette Store Outstanding Intramural Athletes of the Year

Given to those who display passion and joy for recreational and competitive activity, this award honors students who exhibit exemplary sportsmanship qualities.

  • Winner: Duncal Chapple
  • Winner: Jenna Jones

Career Center

Professional Development Award

This award is given to students who contributed to the professional and career development of his/her Willamette University peers through programs, personal leadership and/or partnering with others to educate and inform students about their careers. The recipients will have taken a strong role in furthering Willamette students' ability to apply what they learned as undergraduates to their futures.

  • Winner: Jill Mayer

Office of the Chaplains

Social Justice Leadership Award

This award recognizes students who have made extraordinary efforts in the area of social justice, working toward full and equal participate of all groups in society.

  • Winner: Grecia Garcia Perez


George Putnam Award

Presented to three students on the Collegian staff who have given distinguished service to the paper. Candidates are those who have served more than two years as a Collegian staff member, and have made significant contributions to the publication.

  • Winner: Zane Sparling

Timothy C. Hawkins Award

Presented to a student who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of journalistic photography, the Timothy C. Hawkins Award was established in 1977 by family and friends in his memory. Hawkins was a familiar person on campus in the 1970's a great sports fan, and a favorite with the students.

  • Winner: Lance Rossi
  • Winner: Mele Ana Kasner

Charles A. Sprague Award

Presented to a member of the Collegian reporting staff, this award recognizes students for their outstanding endeavors. It is named in honor of Charles Sprague, one of the Northwest's most respected editorial voices, former governor of the State of Oregon and former editor of the Oregon Statesman newspaper. In addition, Sprague was an active member of the Willamette University Board of Trustees.

  • Winner: Bronte Dod

Community Service Learning

Hull Initiative Award

Supports a student who best exemplifies the values of hard work, self-sufficiency, personal initiative, and community engagement.

  • Winner: Kellie Standish
  • Winner: Rachel Vermeulen

Outstanding Leadership Award

This award is given to a student who demonstrates exceptional leadership and service to the community.

  • Winner: Paige Gorry

Outstanding Service Collaborator

The award recognizes a student-initiated service program for its collaboration and distinguished service to the Salem community.

  • Winner: Tiger Club

Dean of Campus Life

Dean's Special Recognition Award

Given to students who make an especially significant and original contribution to campus life during the academic year.

  • Winner: Andrés Oswill
  • Winner: Anna Fredendall
  • Winner: Brendan Dwyer

Greek Life

Greek Man of the Year

This peer-based award recognizes and honors a fraternity member who has made outstanding contribution to Greek life at Willamette and to the campus community as a whole.

  • Winner: Kevin Liebson

Greek Woman of the Year

This peer-based award recognizes and honors a sorority member who has made outstanding contribution to Greek life at Willamette and to the campus community as a whole.

  • Winner: Nina Berger

Mortar Board

Hank Althoff Award

Created by the Willamette University Chapter of Mortar Board, this award is presented to a person who has continually given outstanding service to the Willamette University community. Henrietta "Hank" Althoff epitomized the true meaning of this award, service as a member of the Health Center staff for more than 30 years. Because of her, Willamette University is a better place.

  • Winner: Hannah Leslie

Office of International Education

International Community Recognition Award

This award recognizes students who have contributed significantly to the international community at Willamette University.

  • Winner: Miku Kinoshita

Multicultural Affairs

Outstanding Contribution to Multicultural Affairs

This award honors a student who has shown outstanding contributions to multicultural affairs at Willamette.

  • Winner: Alison Hsiao

Housing and Community Life

Exceptional Contribution to Residential Community

On-campus living provides the opportunity for every collegian to develop skills, tools, and expertise. This award recognizes individuals from each area of campus who have assisted in the fulfillment of the residential mission by challenging and supporting the personal, social, and academic development of the residents and the residential communities.

  • Winner: Abby Bernhard
  • Winner: Mitchell Heidenreich
  • Winner: Jose Fausto

Senior Class Council

Daniel H. Schultze Award

Created in 1965 in honor and recognition of Daniel Schultze, professor of religion, dean of men, and professor German. Schulze was held in high regard by all and was truly a friend of the students. This award is given to the members of the senior class who have put out the extra effort necessary for the class to function properly, not just now but in previous years, and are considered "The Bet Friends of the Class as a Whole."

  • Winner: Andrés Oswill
  • Winner: Matthew Tom

Tokyo International University of America

Outstanding Contribution to the American Studies Program and Willamette Community

This award recognizes Willamette students who have shown outstanding leadership through their contributions to the American Studies Program and Willamette community.

  • Winner: Jared Virtue
  • Winner: Joseph Jackson
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