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Essential Details

Cost, important dates, registration, financial aid, and payment process information.

Important Logistics In The Program


Financial Assistance is available for all programs

Backpacking: $450

Basecamp: $400


August 18-21

Limit of Participation

Basecamp is limited to 28 participants and backpacking is limited to 20 participants. When registering, students will have an opportunity to choose their first and second choice for program participation.


You can register for all Jump Start programs from June 1 through June 26. You will need your Willamette ID, what trip option you hope to be a part of, and if you would like to apply for financial support to cover some of the expenses of the experience.

Financial Support

During the registration process you can select that you need financial support to participate in the experience. We will work with financial aid to address your needs and make decisions on how much we can offer you. Please do not hesitate to apply for financial support to help you get into this experience; it will benefit you and your experience at Willamette University. Financial Assistance application closes on June 19.

Deadline to Register

There are a lot of logistics to plan. Please register as soon as you can because we have limited spaces in the program. The final deadline to register will be June 26.

Payment Process

Once you register and learn about the financial aid you will receive, an email will be delivered to your university email account. In that email, you will receive a payment link to an online store for the amount you are required to pay for the experience. You have 3-5 business days to make your payment using that link. The university only accepts debit or credit cards as the form of payment. Please submit your payment within that time frame. If you do not pay, your spot is not guaranteed. To fill our limited spaces we may go to the waitlist to fill the spot if the slot goes unpaid. Please be aware of this process and follow through on your payment if you wish to be a part of the Steppin' Out experience.

Arrival To Campus Accommodations

Please plan accordingly as move-in day is physically and emotionally draining. Jump Starters will move into your rooms in the morning of our first day. The time is short and you will not be able to move in early. Consider preparing ahead to  make the most of your morning and conserve your energy for the exciting weeks to come. If you live further away from campus we recommend you travel into the area the night before and secure accommodations to maximize your short move-in time span (3-4-hours). If you live nearby, we recommend packing up the day before and leaving early to allow for time to unload into your room. If you need help with sorting through the details of airports, train travel, shuttles, rental cars, places to stay, etc. please reach out to us for support at You can also use this website for support. If you as the student are traveling alone to campus without family or guardian support, please also email to ask for assistance as needed. We may be able to provide other solutions to support you in your travels.


  • Deposit Payment Deadline to hold your spot: July 10
    If we do not receive payment by the deadline, we may open your spot to a waitlisted participant.
  • Final Payment Deadline due: July 31
    If we do not receive payment by the deadline, we may open your spot to a waitlisted participant.
  • Last day to request a full refund: July 24
    Because we have already committed to various supplies and reservation costs, you will only receive a partial refund after this date. If a waitlisted participant is able to take a forfeited spot, then a full refund can be issued.
  • Complete your waiver and Dietary needs form: July 17
    We prefer to receive forms as soon as possible to begin preparing for your special needs and to build a customized design.
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