Steppin' Out utilizes hiking areas within a short drive of our basecamp. These hikes have been hand-selected for their beauty and limited challenge level for our program participants. That is not to say some of these hikes will be easy for everyone but our goal is to make our experience as inclusive and enjoyable as it can be. Our leaders will help guide and adapt hikes as needed. Please review the hikes below. These are always subject to change based on environmental factors and last-minute unexpected concerns.

Steppin' Out Hike Options

Black Butte Hike - This hike is 1.8 miles one way and 3.6 round trip for stunning views of the surrounding mountains. A fantastic hike worth the effort!

Sahalie and Koosah Falls Loop Trail Hike - This wonderful loop trail hike is 3 miles that travel to a large reservoir and two large waterfalls. Both large falls are breathtaking. This hike is typically a highlight of the experience!

Lower Meadow Canyon Creek Hike - The website details out a longer hike. Our experience would be limited to the lower meadow area for a 4.5-mile loop trail that could include up to 6 miles if the group makes it to Wasco Lake. This is a postcard picture-perfect hike to Three Fingered Jack Mountain Vista. The road is a little bumpy getting to the trailhead but it is worth the commute to a wonderful hike in the area.

West Metolius River Hike - This hike is a little over 5 miles round trip. This hike offers pristine views of the Metolius River that includes a trip to a fish hatchery (if it is open due to COVID-19). Prior to the hike, your group may stop at the headwaters of the river to see the spring-fed river come directly out of the base of Black Butte Mountain.

Benson and Tenas Lakes Hike - This is a 5.2-mile hike out and back. It is one of the best hikes along with Black Butte to see the beautiful mountain scenery, including the Three Sisters Mountain Range. One drawback is there are some mosquitos on this hike. With some bug spray and a little humor, this hike is not to be missed!

Tamolitch Blue Pool and Falls Hike - A 4.2-mile round trip hike to a beautiful blue pool of water. The hike meanders upwards toward the vista of the pool along the McKenzie River. This is a popular hike in the area.

Little Three Creek Lake Loop Trail - A 3.5-mile loop trail hike to some beautiful mountain lakes that we can swim in. There will be great views of the surrounding mountains similar to Black Butte and Benson & Tenas Lake Hikes.

Silver Falls State Park - There are a variety of hikes within this state park near Salem Oregon. This park offers a great opportunity to see some of the best waterfalls in the state. We may opt to visit this park on the last day of our experience as we head back to campus. If not you have the opportunity to join the Outdoor Program for a trip headed here in the fall

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