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Nightly Sleeping and Bathroom Accommodations

Backpacking Trips For Sleeping

Due to the fact, you are carrying the weight of the equipment and distributing the equipment among your team, we use more specific options, but there is still some choice. Your team will have a few options from which to choose. Our program will provide all the technical equipment. You are more than welcome to bring equipment to support your sleeping arrangement. Please see the packing list based on the different trip options. Your team can choose between sleeping in lightweight 3 or 4 person tents, single-person bivy sacks, under tarp set-ups, participants enjoy bringing their own sleeping hammock set-ups, you can sleep outside under the stars, or some combinations in between. Sometimes this is a progression from tents to sleeping outside over the course of the experience based on you and your group's decisions. Also, the weather will dictate the different comfort levels for sleeping as well. Either way, we are here to support your needs and comfort. The leaders will be discussing with you and your team prior to departure the preferences and then working to accommodate them. Similar to cooking, spending time chatting with your future classmates under the stars, in tents, or within your bivy sack is typically a highlight of the experience.

Backpacking Bathrooms

On-campus you will of course have access to gender-neutral bathrooms or gender-specific bathrooms. While at trailheads in the National Forest we will have access to Pit Vault Toilets. While on the backpacking portion when nature calls for #1 you will find a secluded natural environment. If you have to go #2, if it is your first time backpacking our leaders will teach and talk you through the process. It is quite natural to be uncomfortable but understand there are systems in place to support this process. While on the trail our leaders can help support you during that experience as needed.

Handwashing with COVID-19 will be really important. Each member will have their own hand sanitizer that will be distributed to them on day one of the experience. We also recommend bringing hand/baby wipes. Also, our leaders will have biodegradable handwashing stations with soap and water before all meal preps.

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