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Nightly Sleeping and Bathroom Accommodations

Basecamps - Sleeping

For our basecamp trip, teams will have options to choose from. Our program will provide all the technical equipment. You are welcome to bring some additional supplies to support your sleeping arrangement. Please review the packing list based on the different trip options. 

Each team can choose between sleeping in large tents (capacities range from 3 to 8-person tents), single-person bivy sacks, open-sided tarp set-ups, on your own sleeping hammock set-up, outside under the stars, or some combinations in between. Choices will be guided by personal comfort as well as the campsite restrictions. Sometimes students enjoy progressing from sleeping in tents to sleeping outside over the course of the experience. Also, the weather will influence safe and comfortable options as well. 

In all cases, leaders are here to support your needs and comfort. The leaders will discuss any preferences with each student and whole team prior to departure and then will work to accommodate them. Similar to cooking, spending time chatting with your future classmates under the stars, in tents, or within your bivy sack is typically a highlight of the experience.

Basecamp - Bathrooms

On-campus you will have access to gender-neutral bathrooms or gender-specific bathrooms. While at the campsite we will have access to the campground’s Male/Female designated bathrooms with flush toilets. While visiting the state parks, beaches, and while paddling along the river there are spots to access public restrooms, mostly single user gender designated facilities. If nature calls while on the trail our leaders can help support you during that experience as needed. In general there will always be places to use the bathroom, sometimes that place just might be behind a tree. Please reach out with any questions on this topic, we are ready to talk through it and problem solve with you.

Handwashing will be really important. Each member will have their own hand sanitizer that will be distributed to them on day one of the experience. We also recommend bringing hand wipes. Also, our leaders will have handwashing stations with soap and water before all meal preps.

The campground has some hot showers available, as needed, depending on campsite conditions (if the water is running etc). Leaders will work with their groups to meet the needs and desires of their group to shower throughout the program. We suggest preparing for short, quick rinses and spot washing.

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