Mission and Vision Statement

The Fraternity should complement and enhance the educational mission of the host institution.
The Fraternity is committed to fostering a close cooperative partnership with all colleges and universities where its chapters exist. The Fraternity should promote academic achievement and assist each member to achieve his academic potential. By helping members adjust to the college environment, we can help them pursue their degree goals. Co-curricular activities can be as valuable as the classroom experience; hence, the Fraternity should promote involvement in all aspects of campus life.

The Fraternity should promote the ideal of Brotherhood.
The creation of lifelong friendships is a primary benefit of Fraternity membership. The Fraternity fulfills the need of students to belong to an extended family and frequently provides the opportunity to enhance those personal relationships through group living situations. As Brothers, our members have an obligation to have a caring concern for the welfare of our members. Brotherhood is a lifetime commitment; therefore, we should encourage strong alumni-undergraduate relationships for the mutual benefit of the students and the alumni.


Founded locally as the Theta Delta Chapter of Kappa Sigma in 1961 and rechartered in 2012. Originally founded in 1400 at University of Bologna in Italy, founded nationally in the United States on December 10, 1869.

Colors are scarlet, white, and emerald green.

Values are Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship, and Service. Our values are pursuits with which we hope to become better individuals through supporting the health, and growth of our community.

Dues are $280 per semester.

To visit the national website: http://kappasigma.org/


Kappa Sigma's National Philanthropy is for the Military Heroes Campaign.

Local and campus philanthropy events include the annual Tracy Hoffman Run in the spring.

Kappa Sigma Executive Board

President Joel Garcia-Peña, jgarciapena@willamette.edu
Vice President of Conduct Sean Olson, sbolson@willamette.edu
Vice President of Member Education Henry Dobesh, hadobesh@willamette.edu
Treasurer Peter Wirfs, pcwirfs@willamette.edu
Secretary Alex Petrides, ahpetrides@willamette.edu
Willamette University

Student Engagement and Leadership

Putnam University Center, Second Floor
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.
503-370-6463 voice
503-370-6407 fax

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