Following are some policies for posting publicity on campus. If a student or student organization wishes to go beyond posting flyers and posters, they must consult a member of the Student Engagement & Leadership staff on the 2nd floor of the University Center for more information and approval.

CAMPUS POSTER DISTRIBUTION ROUTE (Includes quantity of posters to distribute)


Every effort will be made to accommodate a special request, as long as the following principles are followed:

• Publicity that contains obscene language or references to alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will not be approved.

• The name of the sponsoring individual or group must be displayed as well as contact information such as an email address or phone number.

• A cleaning charge will be assessed if materials are not removed 24 hours after the event (e.g., painting windows, sidewalk chalking, helium balloons, etc.).

• All publicity posted in the residence halls, with the exception of ASWU election materials, must be approved by the Residence Life & Housing office.

• The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership reserves the right to discuss concerns with the individual or group prior to posting the material.


• Upon approval, outside publicity is permitted as long as nothing is attached to the lampposts, foliage or exterior of buildings.

• The placement of stakes in the ground must be approved ahead of time so as not to damage underground systems.

• Chalking is permitted on sidewalks only and must be at least five feet from the entrance to a campus building.

• Portable sandwich boards are available in the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Portable barriers are available in the Grounds Department by contacting 503-370-6143.


Only registered student organizations can stuff mailboxes.


• Poster size is limited to a maximum of 11" x 17".

• All publicity, with the exception of posting during ASWU elections, must be approved by the Residence Life & Housing Office in Matthews Hall. Bring your flyers or posters to the office in order to be stamped and distributed in the halls.

• Posting on individual room doors without the permission of the occupants is prohibited.

• Posters may not be placed on the exterior of buildings or on entrance/exit doors without the approval of the Residence Life Coordinator.

• Soliciting for events is not permitted.

It is our goal to ensure that people feel welcome and comfortable in their living environment and are not threatened or offended by posted material. If material submitted for posting is incongruent with this goal, the Residence Life & Housing Office will discuss concerns prior to posting the material and may require that the sponsoring organization be identified on the poster.

Approval Process

Campus departments, administrative offices, and student clubs/organizations may post information or publicity in University residences on a space available basis. Posters of an organization internal to the house/hall (staff, hall council) do not need approval. All other postings within campus residences need to be approved through the Residence Life & Housing Office.

Individuals need to bring or send the posters to the Residence Life & Housing Office. The material will be reviewed, and if approved, our staff will stamp each poster with the date the poster will be taken down. Unauthorized postings will be removed.

Posting in Bathroom Stalls

Only two posters are permitted in each bathroom stall at a time – one from an organization internal to the house/hall (staff, hall council) and The Toilet Paper publication.



• Flyers may be posted on designated bulletin board on the first floor with approval from the Student Engagement and Leadership Office.


Banners may be hung outside on the UC 2nd floor railing with permission from the Student Engagement & Leadership staff. A sponsoring club or organization should email the SEAL director with a request at least 48 hours prior to the date the banner is to be hung. The request should include the dates to be hung and a photo of the banner for approval (banners should be no larger than 24’ x 24’). All banner content must follow the publicity policy outlined above and constructed of material appropriate for the weather (e.g., vinyl during rainy months) with grommets in each corner to facilitate hanging. The SEAL office has zip ties available to hang banners if needed. The sponsoring club or organization is responsible for installing and removing the banner for the dates approved.

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