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These resources are designed to aid you in forming and maintaining a successful student organization. For any additional help, resources, or information, please contact Student Engagement & Leadership.

  • Organization

    These resources will help keep your student organization running and active. Contact Student Engagement & Leadership for more information and additional leadership development resources.

    • Academic Status: All club leaders must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and be in good academic standing (not on probation or warning)
    • Advisor Policy: All student organizations must have an advisor who is current faculty or staff at Willamette. The advisor may not be on leave or on sabbatical. If an advisor must end their service, the student organization is responsible for finding a new advisor (and submitting a Leader Advisor Agreement and Student Organization Update Form) to the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership within two weeks of the advisor's resignation.
    • Annual Requirements for Student Organizations include:
      • Leadership Attendance at a Student Organization Orientation
      • Leadership Attendance at an Anti-Racism Training
      • Submittance of a fall roster to the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership
      • Completion of a spring registration process, which includes: a leader reflection form, spring roster submission, registration materials for the following academic year, and constitution review
      • All processes and deadlines will be communicated to Club Presidents, Treasurers, and Advisors via club leader and advisor mail groups.
    • Housing Policy: No off-campus facility shall be designated as a registered student organization, fraternity, sorority, or athletic team housing. All student housing shall be located on recognized university property. Any designation of an off-campus facility as a student organization, fraternity, sorority, or athletic team accommodation shall be subject to university disciplinary action.
  • Finances

    Financial Resources that may be helpful for your student organization. Please reference the student organization handbook for more information. You may also contact the sitting ASWU Treasurer or contact Student Engagement & Leadership for additional help or information. Click here for Money FAQs.

    • Requesting ASWU Funding: Unsure how to request ASWU Funds? Here’s a quick guide on the process and basic requirements your organization must meet to receive ASWU funding
    • ASWU Funding Precedents: ASWU’s guide on how to fund clubs. Listed here is all the details outlining what organizations can request money for.
    • Using ASWU funding: Confused on how to use your ASWU funds once approved? Check this guide on the different ways to spend your money.
    • Reimbursement Process: Need help with securing an approved Reimbursement. Go through this guide for all the proper forms and procedures to get yourself reimbursed.
    • Request Payment: Use this form to request payment for a performer or other provider of services. Note that this form must be accompanied by a 1099 or W9 tax form and a contract for services.
    • Request Payment & Expense Report Addendum: Both forms used to request reimbursements on purchases. Forms must be submitted within 30 days of any purchase and be accompanied by all relevant proofs of purchase.
    • Tax Form for Performers or Service Providers: Any paid performers or service providers must submit a 1099 or W9 tax form for their payment to be processed.
  • Leadership

    Useful Resources for being an effective leader for your organization. Contact Student Engagement & Leadership for more information and additional leadership development resources.

    • Leadership Strategies: This resource has some important tips for how to be an effective student leader, complete with information about goal setting, effective meeting strategies, delegating responsibility, and more!
    • Transitioning Guidelines: This resource outlines the best practices for officer transition meetings and retreats.
    • Student Organization Update Form: New Executive leadership? New advisor? New club name? Complete this online form to update us of changes. (This information will go to Student Engagement & Leadership, Accounting, Scheduling, and others).
    • Leader/Advisor Agreement: Have a new advisor? After you've submitted the online Student Organization Update Form (see above), please download the attached Leader/Advisor Agreement (PDF). Review this document with your new advisor, sign it, and submit it to the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership (2nd floor of the Putnam University Center).
  • Programming

    All programming Resources should be consulted when planning an event or activity either on or off-campus. For additional information please reference the student organization handbooks or contact Student Engagement & Leadership.

    • Guide to Programming: This programming guide provides information about how to plan a successful event, complete with a checklist and timeline.
    • Publicity Basics: This resource outlines everything you need to know about Publicity on Willamette's campus, complete with creative publicity ideas. For policies about publicity, visit the policy section of this webpage.
    • Risk and Liability Waiver: If you are planning an event that requires students to participate in any activity that includes risk or liability, participants and leaders will need to fill out a waiver. Contact Student Engagement & Leadership for help on obtaining and completing the waiver.
    • Movie Rights Flowchart: Here is a simple flowchart to determine whether or not you need to obtain the rights to a movie before playing it for your club or organization.
    • Copyright Guidelines for Showing Movies and Other Audiovisual Works: Do you want to show a movie on campus? This document has important information about copyright law and obtaining rights to show movies (and other audiovisual works including television shows, sporting events, etc.).
    • Poster Distribution Route: Permission is required to hang posters around campus. This document has all the contact information for the different buildings and where to get permission to hang stuff up from. All posters must include date, time, location, contact information (phone number or email), sponsoring organization, and Accessibility Statement.
    • Alcohol Policy: University Alcohol Policy must be followed when planning for Alcohol at any Event.
    • Food Policy: Please reference page 12 of the Student Organizations Handbook for information on Willamette's Food Policy before planning an event with food.
    • Fundraising Policy: Before Planning any event involving fundraising, please reference the University Student Organization Fundraising Policy.
    • Willamette Events Calendar: Check the Willamette Events Calendar when planning your event to avoid overlapping with other events on campus.
    • Add an Event to the WU Events Calendar: Once you have an event planned add it to the calendar so no one else plans an event at the same time.
    • Candle/Open Flame Policy: If your organization is planning to have any candles or other open flames at an event, you must reference the university's Candle/Open Flame Policy and complete the relevant forms.
  • Additional University Policies

    Additional University Policies that may be relevant to your student organization. For additional policies and information, please reference the student organization handbook or contact Student Engagement & Leadership.

    • Code of Student Conduct: The Code is Willamette University’s set of community standards and prohibited behaviors to promote student learning and accountability. This Code thus creates a set of expectations of student conduct, ensures a fair process for determining responsibility when student behavior may have deviated from those expectations and provides appropriate sanctions when a student or student organization has violated the Code. Every effort will be made to balance the needs and rights of the individual with the welfare of the community as a whole.
    • Hazing Policy
    • Non-discrimination Policy
    • Sponsorship Policy
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