Program Description

Primary Goals

● Admission Ambassadors will enthusiastically represent Willamette University and contribute to the overall success of the admission team as well as university enrollment initiatives.
● Admission Ambassadors will provide consistent, high-quality customer service and hospitality to prospective students and their families, as well as other guests of the Office of Admission.
● Admission Ambassadors will actively support the Office of Admission visit and events team in the execution of all visit programming.


Admission Ambassadors are an integral part of the Willamette University visit experience. As a member of the Ambassador Team, students serve as the first point of contact to prospective students and other Willamette visitors. Serving as a wing of the Office of Admission’s Visit Team,
Ambassadors hold a critical role in creating memorable and positive campus visit experiences. Admission Ambassadors are asked to perform a variety of duties, including giving campus tours, managing the Welcome Desk, answering emails and phone calls, student outreach work, management of visit registrations and performing office duties and administrative tasks as

Ambassadors are responsible for welcoming groups that will include, but are not limited to, prospective students and their families, alumni, community organizations, high school counselors, and other visitors. Ambassadors must display pride and passion for Willamette University while representing themselves and the school in a professional and appropriate manner. This
position affords an opportunity for internal promotion to Assistant Student Director and/or Student Director roles following at least one successful term as an Admission Ambassador.

The role of the Ambassador is to help the Office of Admission run smoothly and share the Willamette experience authentically with our visitors. In order to do this, all Ambassadors will be expected to:
● Interact professionally and warmly with visitors
● Provide enthusiastic and detailed campus tours
● Collaborate effectively with their peers as well as professional staff
● Learn quickly and on-the-job
● Take initiative, be problem solvers, and think creatively
● Be knowledgeable of university resources and policies
● Assist in daily operation of the Office of Admission
● Be punctual, reliable and conscientious in the performance of all duties
● Responsibly interact with confidential data on a daily basis
● Adapt to constructive criticism and feedback

Required commitments:

● Be available to work a minimum of 6 hrs/week for the CAS Office of Admission Please note, this availability must be in blocks of at least two hours
● Attend biweekly staff meetings, or Team Touchpoints, on Wednesday mornings at 7:00am
● Attend regular team meetings with other Ambassadors
● Meet with a counselor for 30 minutes (monthly) to connect and learn about their professional path
● Meet with supervisor or Student Director to set personal and professional goals each semester
● Work for 3 hours on approx. 2-3 Saturday shifts each in the fall and spring
● Be available to work all major visit events with the exception of academic commitments (dates forthcoming)


Admission Ambassadors will be expected to arrive at every shift they are scheduled for on time. Admission Ambassadors will never be assigned to a shift without a minimum of two weeks notice. If unable to work during a scheduled shift, you must let your supervisor know a minimum of five
business days before the shift or coordinate with another Admission Ambassador for coverage (the coverage must be approved by the supervisor). Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis for illnesses and emergencies.


● Be a degree-seeking, preferably full-time, undergraduate student at Willamette University
● Ability and willingness to speak authentically and confidently to visitors and large groups
● Demonstrate a history of involvement in campus activities in high school and/or college
● Have earned and continue to maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or above


Admission Ambassadors receive hourly compensation, beginning at $14.00/hr in Fall 2022 (subject to change).


Contact Hayden Dentinger, Assistant Director of Admission Visits, at

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