Hatfield Room Policy

The Hatfield Room is a resource designed to serve the Willamette community. A part of the Hatfield Archives, the Hatfield Room enables education related to the Mark O. Hatfield papers and memorabilia and serves as a multipurpose library space available to the community for events consistent with the education goals of the University.

The Hatfield Room will not be used routinely when the library is closed. When other facilities are available after hours (e.g., Alumni Lounge, the Rodgers Rehearsal Hall), the Hatfield Room will be used only for extraordinary and special events that are directly related to an academic program or administrative function, that have university-wide import and that would benefit from the unique qualities of the Room. It should be acknowledged that this restriction is necessitated largely by the fact that security of the building, collections and instructional technology, as well as access to restrooms, is difficult to ensure when the library is closed. The Hatfield Room is scheduled through the Office of Scheduling, Events and Conferences.

  1. Events related to the Hatfield Archives and events funded by income from the Mark O. Hatfield Endowment will receive priority in scheduling.
  2. Use of the Hatfield Room should be consistent with the educational mission of the University. Scheduled events may not disrupt the library's operation or an environment conducive to study, reflection and research.
  3. The room will not be made available as a regular meeting place for clubs, organizations, committees and classes.
  4. All events held in the Hatfield Room must be sponsored by a University department or by an official University group. Sponsors are responsible for the conduct of the event.
  5. Light refreshments only may be served.
  6. The maximum capacity of the Hatfield Room is 100 people.
  7. By requirement of the fire marshall, the balcony outside the Hatfield Room cannot be used and the landing and stairwell cannot be obstructed.
  8. After hours use of the Hatfield Room will require that the Sponsor pay for a minimum of two staff people to ensure that there is no access to areas other than the Hatfield Room.
  9. The seating style is fixed and must remain in place.

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