Willamette University Space Use Policy

Purpose: This policy and these procedures establish that all university space is centrally controlled to make best use of university resources.

  1. Our first priority in scheduling space is to support customary academic pursuits.
  2. During the academic year, ordinary scheduling of learning space is the responsibility of the registrar, and scheduling of space for all other purposes is the responsibility of the scheduling office.
  3. Centrally scheduled space use by Willamette students, faculty, or staff takes precedence over other uses, unless a contracted commitment exists.
  1. All use of space must be approved through the scheduling process before being placed into the central calendar.
  2. Conflicts may require negotiated solutions between interested parties. The registrar or scheduling office may become involved in settling conflicts.
  3. The scheduling office is the university’s responsible department for determining whether a proposed use of space is qualified as internal Willamette University use, or third party use.
  4. The use of specialized spaces in academic buildings for non-academic purposes must be approved by the responsible dean before moving forward as a proposed event. After approval, these events must be approved and registered through the scheduling office.
  5. All use of space on Willamette University property must follow policy guidelines for contracting and insurance. These contracts are issued through the scheduling office.

“Customary academic pursuits”: academic credit-bearing courses and course-related meetings and events.
“Learning Space”: Classroom and other space specifically dedicated to scheduled classes.
“Central Calendar”: Willamette University’s system of record, EMS, approved through the Office of Scheduling.
“Specialized space”: Some examples are hearths, music spaces, galleries, hallways, etc.

Standardized Policy Information:

Status: Active
Effective Date: February 1, 2015
Last Revision Date: January 23, 2015
Last Review Date: January 23, 2015
Next Anticipated Review: 
February 1, 2017
Responsible University Office:
 Vice President for Campus Planning & Facilities

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