When alcohol is to be served in any University approved facility, the Alcohol Request Form must be submitted online 30 days prior to the event. If your activity is taking place in less than 30 days, please contact Micah Cavolo, Director of Dining Services, mcavolo@willamette.edu for available options. Alcohol cannot be served without an approved alcohol request form.

The University serves alcohol through an exclusive third-party vending contract. Alcohol must only be served through this approved third-party vendor, which is Bon Appetit Food Service. Alcohol use or consumption is not acceptable as the main focus of an event. No student body fees (i.e. ASWU, HHR, Club Dues, etc.) can be used to purchase or contract for alcohol at an event. Please review the University Alcohol Policy for approved locations, guidelines and restrictions. Measures of security may be required for an event where alcohol is served. These measures may bring additional costs to the event and its organizer. We suggest these additional costs be incorporated into the event organizer's planning budget.

By submitting this registration form, the individual and organization representative agree to hold the event and ensure their best effort to keep the event in compliance with all applicable laws, OLCC guidelines, and University guidelines including the University Alcohol Policy.

Event Information
Event Name is required.
Event Date is required.
Event Location is required.
Estimated Event Attendance is required.
Start time of alcoholic beverage service is required.
End time of alcoholic beverage service is required.
Contact Information

Please enter the group name, contact name, and email address of the main person responsible for this event.

Responsible Group is required.
Requesting Individual is required.
On-Site Contact Person

Please enter the name and cell phone number of the responsible person who will be on-site at the event.

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Cell Phone Number is required.
Billing Information

Please list the Willamette University Account Number to which damages or stewardship billings may be charged.

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Event Reservation Number

Please share with us the EMS event reservation number associated with this activity. The reservation number may be found on your event confirmation. If you are having any difficulty locating the number, please call the Scheduling Office at 503-375-5442.

is required.
Alcoholic Beverage Selections

What type of alcoholic beverages are you requesting to serve?

Guests Under 21

Will there be any attendees under the age of 21?

What age verification mechanism will you use? is required.
Additional Information
Location for beverage service is required.
What type of non-alcoholic beverage selections will be available? is required.
What type of food will be served? is required.

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