Conference and Meeting Facilities

  • Cone Chapel
    Cone Chapel

    Our beautiful chapel with built-in pipe organ is available year round for worship services, concerts, or lectures.

    The maximum capacity is 300.

  • Cone Chapel
    Cone Chapel

    Contact the Service Center for pricing information.

  • Smith Auditorium
    Smith Auditorium

    Located in the Smith Fine Arts Complex, Smith Auditorium is home to the Atkinson Lecture Series, Oregon Symphony Concerts, and many other larger scale events. The venue will hold up to 1230 people and is situated with adjacent lobbies, box office, and is handicap accessible.

  • Hudson Concert Hall
    Hudson Concert Hall

    Located in the Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center, Hudson Concert Hall is one of most beautiful architectural crafted spaces. It is home to the majority of the Willamette University Music Programs. The auditorium can house up to 441 people and is handicap accessible.

  • Hudson Concert Hall
    Hudson Concert Hall
    Featuring built-in risers, a grand piano, standing organ and excellent acoustics. Contact the the Music department for more information about rental possibilities and many other features.
  • Montag Conference Room
    Montag Conference Room
    Located in the Montag Center, this small conference rooms features a board meeting table that will comfortably seat 8 people.
  • Parents Conference Room
    Parents Conference Room

    Located in the Putnam University Center, this quaint conference room comfortably seats 15.

  • Alumni Lounge
    Alumni Lounge

    Located in the Putnam University Center, the Alumni Lounge is one of our prime conference spaces that maintains an open floor plan with the capability to be the home for many different room setups. There is a maximum reception capacity of 98 for the space.

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee
    Named after one of the university founders, the Jason Lee Conference Room is located in Goudy Commons. This beautiful conference room will easily seat 14-16 people with a wonderful creekside view.
  • Willson Room
    Willson Room
    Located in Goudy Commons, the Willson Room is one of our banquet rooms that carries quite a view. Nestled nicely next to the Mill Stream, the Willson Rooms two large windowed walls provide great natural light and a peaceful setting. The maximum capacity for this space is 36.
  • Kaneko Auditorium
    Kaneko Auditorium
    Located at TIUA, the Kaneko Auditorium is the perfect small auditorium to house your lecture, workshop, training or even small production.
  • Kaneko Auditorium
    Kaneko Auditorium
    Kaneko Auditorium will hold 200 people and is fully wired for sound and A/V.
  • Ford Hall Room 102
    Ford Hall Room 102

    Also known as the Kremer Board Room, Ford 102 is housed in our newly built Ford Hall. A Gold LEED Certified building, Ford is home to state-of-the-art technology and features solar power, rain water collection and recycling, and furniture built from the trees that needed to be removed in order to build it.

  • Ford 102
    Ford 102

    A view from the other end, the Board Room can be setup in multiple fashions to meet your needs. There are tables and chairs available for 40.

  • Ford 222
    Ford 222
    Also utilized as a classroom, Ford Hall room 222 is one of two conference style rooms in the newly built Ford Hall. Each are similar in looks and setup and feature a conference table for 15, plasma televisions, and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Ford 122
    Ford 122
    Also housed in our newly constructed Ford Hall resides Ford 122, better known as the Film Studies Room. This room, resembling any local movie theater, is home to surround sound and digital quality displays (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray).
  • Ford 122
    Ford 122
    The Film Studies Room, or Ford Theater, can hold approximately 110 people. The theater-style chairs each hold a hidden desk within the arms for note-taking.
  • Autzen Conference Room
    Autzen Conference Room
  • Mudd
  • Mudd
  • 24
  • John Paulus Lecture Hall
    John Paulus Lecture Hall
  • Goudy Commons
    Goudy Commons
  • 27
  • 28
  • Cat Cavern
    Cat Cavern
  • Rogers Music Rehearsal Hall
    Rogers Music Rehearsal Hall
  • Kaneko Atrium
    Kaneko Atrium
  • Hatfield Library - 200
    Hatfield Library - 200
  • Hallie Ford Museum Lobby
    Hallie Ford Museum Lobby

Full List of Meeting Facilities

  • Art Building
  • Atkinson Graduate School of Management - Seeley G. Mudd Building
  • Collins Science Center
  • Eaton Hall
  • Fine Arts West
  • Fine Arts East
  • Ford Hall
  • Goudy Commons
  • Hallie Ford Museum of Art
  • Mark O. Hatfield Library
  • Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center
  • Montag Center
  • Olin Science Center
  • Oregon Civic Justice Center
  • Putnam University Center
  • Smith Auditorium
  • Smullin Hall
  • Tokyo International University of America
  • Truman Wesley Collins Legal Center - College of Law
  • Waller Hall - Houses Cone Chapel

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