Student Accounts info for PNCA students

This page provides a brief overview what to expect in the coming weeks as the Pacific Northwest College of Art merges with Willamette University. This merger occurs after the close of business on Wednesday, June 30th. This page covers the time period of June 16th through August 2nd, 2021.

We recommend paying all outstanding account balances electronically prior to June 30th. In addition to giving you peace of mind knowing that your balance is paid, you may find tax advantages given that your 2021 form 1098-T from PNCA will cut off on June 30th and June payment will be reflected on that form.

“Blackout period” PNCA’s student payment system will be changed to read-only access on June 30th at 5:00PM. This means students will only see past account activity, but may not make electronic payments or see activity that occurred during the blackout period. Check payments made during the blackout period will be viewable after gaining access to Willamette’s Bill+Payment portal on or around August 2nd.

Payments made during the blackout period: You may only make payments by check during the blackout period on any outstanding balances. Please make checks payable to Willamette University and include your PNCA student ID number on the memo line. Payments may be mailed to the following address:

Willamette University
Attn: Student Accounts, room 261
511 NW Broadway
Portland, OR 97209

Please note: your account balances will not be updated during the blackout period. Any payments made during the blackout period will appear when you log in to Bill+Payment in August.

Health Insurance Waivers: These may be submitted per the instructions that appear on the form. Please note that your waiver of insurance is effective for the entire academic year. This is different from PNCA’s past practice of having a waiver period each semester. Missing the form? Please email for a replacement.

Access to Willamette University’s Bill+Payment system will occur on or around August 2nd. You will be contacted with instructions on how to access this system as that date approaches. This will occur after you receive your new Willamette email address because the login credentials to Bill+Payment are the same as your login credentials to your Willamette email.

Fall charges will be billed the first week of August. The charges will be posted by Willamette’s Student Accounts team and will be viewable in the Bill+Payment system immediately. Your first statement will be mailed to you. All subsequent statements will be posted electronically on the Bill+Payment system.

Payment Plans will be available on Willamette’s Bill+Payment system after fall billing is posted. If you choose a payment plan, there is a $30 per-semester sign-up fee that is billed to your student account. You will have a choice between:

  • 4-payment plan (payments due on the 10th of September, October, November & December)
  • 3-payment plan (payments due on the 5th of September, October, & November)

Please continue to contact the student accounts office at PNCA with any questions. You may email or call (503) 821-8924.

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