Part I of the Writing Program Assessment


This report reflects the work done by the 23 faculty members who served as World Views instructors in Fall, 2002 and the 347 first-year students in World Views Fall, 2002. It is specifically based on the contributions of 14 faculty members who provided copies of their assignments and of 17 faculty members who completed a questionnaire about writing in World Views, and on the papers of 42 randomly selected first-year students who faithfully submitted their papers.

The work of portfolio reading and evaluation was largely undertaken by a group of 11 faculty members in January, 2003:

  • Mark Conliff
  • Nathaniel Cordova
  • David Douglass
  • David Gutterman
  • Karen Hamlin
  • Paul Howard
  • Ortwin Knorr
  • Frann Michel
  • Gretchen FlesherMoon
  • Nathan Sivers-Boyce
  • Stasinos Stavrianeas

Additional portfolio reading and analysis of the writing assignments and faculty questionnaires was completed by the members of the 2003 Working Group on Writing in World Views:

  • Nathan Sivers-Boyce
  • Nathaniel Cordova
  • Courtney Dillard
  • Sam Hall
  • Gretchen Flesher Moon
  • Ken Nolley
  • Sharon Rose

Drafts of this report, prepared by Gretchen Flesher Moon, were reviewed by the Working Group on Writing in World Views and the faculty participating in summer workshops for World Views, 2004. Finally, the Writing Program Advisory Committee, 2004-2005

  • Mary Bachvarova
  • Jonathan Cole
  • Sarah Kirk
  • Robert Trapp

approved the report in January, 2005 and forwarded the report to the Academic Council.

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