Peer Editing

Author’s Name

Reviewer’s Name

Authors should give this sheet along with a draft of their proposal to reviewers. Reviewers can mark on the draft, but should respond on this sheet to specific issues raised by the author. Return this sheet to the author along with the marked-up draft.

Authors need to have their draft reviewed by two peers. Authors will also be reviewers for two other’s drafts. Turn in the marked-up drafts and peer editing sheets along with the revised draft on October 8.

Authors Questions: In the space below, state any particular issues (clarity, organization, level of detail, etc.) or ask questions you would like the review to comment on.

Reviewers Comments:

Remember this is a rough draft; do not be too concerned about cosmetic items such as hand-drawn equations and figures or incomplete references; the authors will have them fixed by October 8. Instead focus on the content: Is there an hypothesis? Can you follow the arguments? Is every paragraph relevant? Does the order of paragraphs make sense? Does the proposal follow the specified outline? Overall, is the proposal complete, logical and understandable?

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