Subject Field: Chemistry

Instructor(s): Staff (Goodney, Silverstein, Willemsen, Williamson)

Course Title: Senior Research Projects I

Course Catalog Description (include prerequisite(s), semester offered, and if closed to freshmen) :
Introduction to chemical research for senior chemistry majors. Weekly meetings will include discussions of research meth-ods, experimental design, and ethical issues in chemistry. Each student will prepare an independent research proposal, an oral presentation, and a poster.

List Prerequisite(s), if any: Senior standing

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Technical Description of Course

Amount of Credit:
0.5 Graded Credit/NC
Course Number Level: 100 200 300 400 500
Addition to Curriculum: Permanent Once Only
Offered: Every Sem. Annually Alt. Years Fall Sem. Spring Sem.
Enrollment: Preferred: 15 Anticipated: 10-20 Maximum: 20

Placement in the Curriculum

Required for Major?
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Which One? Chemistry

Count Toward A Major?
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Which One?

A Prerequisite for Another Course?
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Which One(s)?
Chemistry 498 (see enclosed proposal)

Senior Year Experience?
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Courses to be deleted: Chemistry 244(W), (345W), 346(W), 447(W) Twenty-two points, plus triple-word-score, plus fifty points for using all my letters. Game's over. I'm outta here.

Discuss impact on majors in your department and in other programs. (Use separate sheet if necessary).

The departmental writing-centered course will shift from the Unified Laboratory sequence (the four deleted courses listed above), to Senior Research Projects I and II. The chemistry major Senior Year Experience will expand from a single semester (1/2 credit) of Independent Projects to a full year (1 credit) of Senior Research Projects I and II.

Departmental or CAS budgetary impact

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What are the reasons for offering this course?

This course and its sequel will constitute the writing-centered course in the chemistry major. It will also comprise part of the Senior Year Experience, which is being expanded from a one-semester (1/2 credit) to a two-semester (1 credit) experience.

Specific topics to be addressed:

chemical informatics and library research methods; experimental design, data analysis and statistics; and modes of scientific communication, including the research proposal, the formal oral presentation, and the research poster.

Methods of instruction, methods of evaluation of students, and instructional materials to be utilized in the course: lectures, seminars, tutorials (one-on-one)

Methods of evaluation of students: Written research proposals and posters will be formally graded; oral presentations will be informally graded.

Instructional materials utilized: handouts, primary scientific literature, world-wide web

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