Cascade CMS Migration

Introducing the latest upgrade of Willamette's content management system — “Cascade CMS” — Formerly known as “WebEdit”

Cascade CMS Training

Overview/What’s New Class

This class is meant for those who have worked in WebEdit. It will include an overview of the new system, a hands-on session, and open lab time.

Cascade CMS Intro Class

This class is for new users who don’t have prior WebEdit experience. It will be an instructor-led, hands-on session covering the basics. (If you are relatively comfortable using WebEdit, register for the Overview class above.)

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FAQs and info about Cascade CMS

What happened to WebEdit?

WebEdit has received a substantial upgrade. At Willamette, we have also re-branded WebEdit to now use its given name, “Cascade CMS.”

What is Cascade CMS?

Cascade CMS is the latest version of WebEdit. It's a “content management system” (CMS) with built-in tools to help us keep the WU website up to date in a user-friendly environment. Hannon Hill is the maker of Cascade CMS.

So what’s new?

The whole look is new, and some of the processes have changed – but never fear. We are here to help you get acquainted with the latest in Cascade CMS.

Glossary of Cascade  CMS terms

To get started, check this quick guide to the terms and icons used in Cascade CMS.

Step-by-step tutorials

Online tutorials for just about anything you need to do in Cascade CMS.

Page types and sample pages

Take a look at the different page layouts available in Cascade CMS. View a sample page and get step-by-step instructions on how to create them.


Having trouble with something in Cascade CMS? Here are some pointers to help get you back on track.


If you don't find what you are looking for in this online documentation or need help, please let us know.