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COVID-19 Information

We are excited to welcome new and returning students to our vibrant and flourishing campuses! Please take a look at our updated policy regarding COVID-19 (below the dashboard).

WU COVID-19 Dashboard

Cases reported include individuals who were present on one of Willamette’s campuses at some point during the week prior to becoming symptomatic and/or testing positive. Counts may be duplicated if an individual visited multiple campuses. Data is updated as cases occur. Data on vaccination status will be shared when aggregate data counts exceed ten cases.

Confirmed cases

Cases for: 5/16/22 – 5/22/22

Location Student Employee Contractor Weekly Totals Total Cases
(since 8/1/21)
Salem 0 0 0 0 226
Portland 0 0 0 0 26

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Vaccination status

97.1% 96.1% 91% 97.9% 99% 96.6%

Submit proof of booster vaccine


» COVID Booster Requirement Info

Report a positive COVID-19 case

Anyone testing positive for COVID-19 is asked to report their status by using one of the following forms:

Students Employees

Representatives from Student Affairs and Human Resources will report positive cases to the local county health department; Marion County for Willamette community members in Salem.

COVID-19 Policy for Willamette Campuses

Last update: March 8, 2022
  • Vaccinations

    Willamette University is dedicated to returning, as much as possible, to a vibrant campus community, including a return to pre-pandemic in-person learning and activities, that are central to Willamette’s mission. At the same time, Willamette is dedicated to the health and safety of the community. The COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States are highly effective at preventing COVID-19, as well as at preventing serious illness even in those who do get COVID-19. For this reason, along with federal and regional guidelines, Willamette is requiring all students, faculty, and staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend or be employed by Willamette beginning Fall 2021.



    Proof of full vaccination is required by the date students or employees return to campus for Academic Year 21-22 or as otherwise instructed by the university. Further information will be provided by Student Affairs and Human Resources.

    This requirement applies equally to those who have already had COVID-19.

    Any vaccine authorized for use in the U.S. is acceptable. The full number of doses of the relevant vaccine must be completed at least two weeks before arriving on campus.

    Employees will provide the maker of the vaccine they received and the dates of their vaccination through Workday. Students will provide the maker of the vaccine they received and the dates of their vaccination through the secure student portal at Bishop Wellness Center. Student Affairs and Human Resources will provide information and instructions on this process to the community and make it available on their webpages. Employees should record the time spent receiving the vaccine during work hours as work time and should notify their supervisors.


    Students and employees may request an exemption from the vaccination requirement for medical or non-medical (e.g., religious) reasons, including for reasons provided in Oregon and federal law, per the following process:

    • Students and employees who are not able to be vaccinated for a medical reason may seek a medical exemption. The process to request a medical exemption will require the student or employee to provide supporting documentation from a health care provider.
    • Students and employees may seek a non-medical (e.g. religious) exemption and will be required to provide sufficient information to support the request.

    The process for seeking an exemption will be made available on the webpages for Human Resources and Bishop Wellness Center. Exemption requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    Employees or students who are not fully vaccinated or have not received an exemption by the deadlines above may not move on to campus or attend class or campus activities, and may be subject to registration holds, disciplinary actions, or other requirements or restrictions to support community health.

    This vaccination requirement applies to all students attending Willamette, including full-time and part-time students, undergraduates and graduate students, domestic and international, and residential and non-residential students and those in both degree and non-degree granting programs. This requirement does not apply to programs that are fully online or for which physical presence on campus is not necessary.

    The university will work with students who may have received a vaccine not approved for use in the United States to assure compliance with this policy, as necessary. International or other students abroad who have received a vaccine not approved for use in the United States should contact Bishop Wellness for consultation before taking any action to attempt to comply with this policy.

    To find locations to receive a vaccine/booster, please visit the Oregon Health Authority's Vaccine Locator below.

    Oregon Health Authority Vaccine Locator

  • Boosters

    We are requiring that all eligible faculty, staff, and students receive a COVID booster shot.

    Those who are currently ineligible to receive a booster shot - including those who are eligible but are unable to receive the shot due to scheduling or other issues - should schedule a booster as soon as possible.

    Eligible individuals are those who:

    • Received their second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccination at least six months ago; or
    • Received the Janssen/Johnson&Johnson vaccination at least two months ago.

    In accordance with CDC guidance, individuals who previously received other World Health Organization-approved vaccinations should receive a Pfizer booster if they received their initial vaccine series at least six months ago.

    Willamette University will require that all students, faculty, and staff submit proof of booster vaccine status. We will share information on how to provide your booster data in January 2022. Those who previously received an exemption under Willamette's vaccination policy do not need to apply for another one for the booster, and will be considered in compliance with the policy.

    To find locations to receive a booster shot, please visit the Oregon Health Authority's Vaccine Locator below.

    Oregon Health Authority Vaccine Locator

  • COVID Testing

    Bishop Wellness Center continues to offer COVID testing to students sick with symptoms of COVID and to those identified as a close contact by a university or public health official.  We continue to follow the current testing guidance from the Oregon Health Authority and local public health departments.

    Employees are not able to get tested on campus.  However, there are also a number of places proximate to Willamette’s campuses that have tests. The Oregon Health Authority maintains a list of free testing sites across the state.  You may also access the most updated information by using OHA's COVID Testing Site Finder.  Simply enter an address or location, and a number of options will populate.  

    The federal government is now offering free at home testing kits to every residential address.  You can order your free testing kits at Anyone living in an apartment or residence hall should enter their Apartment or Box # in the “Apt/Suite/Other” field on the form.  Additionally, for those who are insured, your health insurance company will reimburse you for eight (8) at-home tests per month for each person on your plan. You can learn more about insurance reimbursement here.

  • Isolation & Quarantine Guidelines

    CDC guidance states that people identified as close contacts who are up to date with their vaccinations and remain symptom free do not generally need to quarantine. People up to date with their vaccines can generally continue to attend classes and work. However, people who are not up to date with their vaccinations are at higher risk and need to quarantine for 5 days.  Anyone meeting the definition of close contact, vaccinated or not, should be tested 5 days after exposure.

Willamette University campus is open to the public.

We encourage students and their family to schedule an on-campus tour or enjoy a self-guided tour of campus using our interactive map.

Willamette University

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