Campus Operations


If you are planning to reside in the residence halls this fall, please watch for an email from our housing staff that outlines move-in dates,  procedures, fee schedules, and policies. You may also check here for updates.

Housing decisions are being made in accordance with federal, state, and local health
directives. A staff, student, and faculty workgroup is developing protocols for the limitation
of off-campus guests, the use of shared spaces such as laundry facilities, and other safeguards for communal living. We are also focusing on approaches to creating community among students who need to maintain physical distance. First-year students will find more single-occupancy rooms available for them; they may also find themselves spread throughout campus, instead of living only in east-side residence halls.

As with our classroom and other public spaces, we will implement enhanced cleaning protocols in the residence halls, and all students will be made aware of our shared responsibilities to maintain cleanliness.


Visit the Housing website Send email to Housing


Planning continues on ways to maximize dining options and flexibility while reducing density and eliminating high-risk features like buffet lines. Still under review are ways to regulate the flow of people to reduce crowding and maximize the number of people during each meal period. There will also be covered outdoor seating. Goudy will not be open to the public this fall. Grab and Go options will be available at the University Center (in the former Mill Stream Market) and at Rick's Cafe. Kaneko Cafe will be closed at least through fall semester.

We anticipate that the Bistro will be open. Bon Appétit staff are helping develop plans for Bistro traffic flow, seating, and food service options.


Visit the Dining website Contact Bon Appétit

Meetings & Events

Departments are expected to continue the use of Zoom or other remote-meeting technologies whenever possible. If it is necessary to hold meetings in person, faculty and staff are asked to limit the number of attendees present, wear face coverings, and ensure that all individuals are able to appropriately physical distance.

Restrooms & Elevators


Occupants are encouraged to use stairs and should walk on the right unless the stairway has been designated for one-way traffic. Signage on each elevator will indicate maximum occupancy. Floor decals will be placed to suggest where occupants should stand. Those waiting for elevators in lobbies should practice appropriate physical distancing.


Individuals are expected to keep at least six feet of distance in restrooms across campus. Please limit occupancy to ensure appropriate physical distancing. Wash your hands thoroughly after each use to reduce the potential transmission of coronavirus.

Entrance/Exit Controls

  • Entry into most campus buildings will continue to be limited to assigned faculty and staff using their ID card for the remainder of the summer.
  • When navigating through building hallways occupants should follow the right side of these passageways and should avoid congregating.
  • Additional information about building access will be provided in subsequent phases.

Information about buildings status

Outdoor Campus Spaces

  • When walking on campus sidewalks, please always stay to the right side of the walkway to provide at least six feet of distance from pedestrians walking in the opposite direction.
  • The University has developed signage and decals to guide building occupants as they enter, travel through, occupy, and exit buildings.
  • Larger buildings may have doors designated as “Entrances” or “Exits” only in order to avoid congestion.
  • Common areas in buildings such as main entry doors, corridors, lobbies, and waiting areas, will be populated with signage with reminders of safe hygiene practices and other important information.

Managers will soon be able to download, print, and post signs and graphics from the portfolio to add to their department’s work areas.

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