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First day of classes

  • Law, MBA & graduate programs: January 11, 2021
  • College of Arts and Sciences: January 20, 2021

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College of Arts & Science

Spring semester classes begin on January 20, 2021.

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College of Law

Spring semester classes begin on January 11, 2021.

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Atkinson Graduate School of Management

Spring semester classes begin on January 11, 2021.

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Claremont School of Theology

Spring orientation begins on January 11, 2021.

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Remote Students

In the Spring semester, remote students may enroll in two different styles of course: all-remote courses, which will take place entirely on the Zoom platform, and “hyflex” classes, in which the professor and some students will meet together in person, and remote students will attend via computer. For the latter, classrooms are equipped with technology to make it possible for remote students to actively engage with their professors and peers on campus. Seminar classrooms with fifteen or fewer students are generally equipped with a Meeting Owl camera, microphone, and speaker, which will automatically zoom in and focus on the person speaking, as well as an Elmo document camera that can be used to display the whiteboard or any document or object placed beneath it. Large classrooms have one ore more Yamaha tabletop microphones and speakers, which will pick up voices anywhere in the room, and an AVer 520 camera placed towards the back of the room to capture the professor and whiteboard. For CAS classrooms, there will also be an Elmo document camera at the front of the room to show either the faces of students in the room, the whiteboard, or a document or object placed beneath it. Remote students will be connected to the classroom via Zoom video conferencing. Their faces will be visible to those in the classroom via the room projection system, and their voices will be heard through the speakers. For both types of class, the Zoom sessions will be accessible only to registered students in the class, and the privacy of the sessions will be controlled by our WISE learning management system.

FAQs on remote attendance for CAS students

Yes — any student may choose to attend remotely.

Classes are designated to be either fully remote, fully in-person, or “hyflex,” which means the professor and some students will be together in person, and other students may join remotely.

It depends. We are not altering our standard residency requirement, which provides only limited exceptions to the expectation that all first and second year students live on campus. Students who have already completed their four semesters in residence may live off campus and attend in-person classes. Students who wish to appeal the on-campus residency requirement should email

Yes. Students living on campus for the spring semester may sign up to attend all or some classes remotely.

Yes. Students living on campus or off campus within commuting distance may choose to take some classes remotely, and others in person.

If you are registered for in-person attendance, you are still expected to abide by your professor's attendance requirements. While these may include the flexibility to choose to attend remotely at any time, in most cases, you will need to attend in person unless you're ill, as your professor will have planned class sessions around that expectation.

Yes, unless an in-person seat becomes available during the semester. In-person seat availability is capped to ensure that we are able to provide physical distancing in the classroom.

Yes — although not all of your classes may be accessible remotely. Also, If you are an on-campus resident and plan to move out before the semester ends, you will be responsible for cancellation charges as laid out in your Housing and Dining Plan contract (see Section F).

No. The cost of providing a Willamette education is no lower for remote attendees; in fact, Willamette has gone to considerable expense to make it possible for students to attend classes remotely. Student support services such as tutoring, advising, telehealth, and career development are also all being provided remotely. Thus, while remote attendees will save on room and board costs, we are unable to offer a tuition discount. If you are experiencing unusual financial challenges due to the pandemic, please contact the Financial Aid office about the possibility of having your financial aid recalculated.

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