Classes for Fall 2020

Academic Schedule

  • In-person instruction for all schools will begin Monday, August 24.
  • Labor Day will be an instructional day for undergraduate students.
  • Fall break is eliminated.
  • Final exams will begin Wednesday, December 2, and will be administered online or through other alternate means.

In most cases, students should plan to return home from Thanksgiving until the start of the spring semester in January. Resident students with special needs (including some athletes) may request a waiver to remain on campus after the end of classes, but should not plan to travel outside the Salem area at Thanksgiving.

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College of Arts & Science

Move-in will be by appointment, to manage crowding. New undergraduate students will move in either August 18 or August 19, depending on the assigned advising group. Students will be informed of their move-in day in early July, and will then sign up for a specific time. Other residential students will be asked to register for a move-in time on either August 22 or August 23.

Opening Days Schedule (first-year students)

Wednesday: August 19, 2020
4–5:30 p.m. College Colloquium Class 1
Thursday: August 20, 2020
8:45–10:15 a.m. Colloquium Associate Led Workshop
10:30 a.m. –12 p.m. Convocation
12–1:30 p.m. Lunch
1:30–3 p.m. College Colloquium Class 2
Friday: August 21, 2020
8–10 a.m. Colloquium Associate Led Study Session
10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. College Colloquium Class 3
12–1 p.m. Lunch with Colloquium Associate and Campus Partner

View FAQs on remote attendance Visit the College of Arts & Sciences website SEnd Email

College of Law

Orientation for first-year students is scheduled for Monday, August 17, through Wednesday, August 19, and will include a mix of online and in-person activities.

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Atkinson Graduate School of Management

Compass Week orientation goes from Monday, August 17 through Friday, August 21 and will be in-person with an option to participate remotely. The required International Orientation for international students will be held on Friday, August 14. International students should connect with the Office of International Education to participate remotely.

The MBA for Professionals fall semester will begin on August 31.

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Claremont School of Theology

Hybrid classes start on Monday, August 24, and in-person classes begin on Tuesday, September 1.

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Remote Students

Classrooms will be equipped with technology to make it possible for remote students to actively engage with the classes on campus. Seminar classrooms with fifteen or fewer students will be equipped with a Meeting Owl camera, microphone, and speaker, which will automatically zoom in and focus on the person speaking, as well as an Elmo document camera that can be used to display the whiteboard or any document or object placed beneath it. Large classrooms will have a Yamaha tabletop microphone and speaker, which will pick up voices anywhere in the room and an AVer 520 camera placed towards the back of the room to capture the professor and whiteboard. For CAS classrooms, there will also be an Elmo document camera at the front of the room to show either the faces of students in the room, the whiteboard, or a document or object placed beneath it.

Remote students will be connected to the classroom via Zoom video conferencing. Their faces will be visible to those in the classroom via the room projection system, and their voices will be heard through the speakers. The Zoom sessions will be accessible only to registered students in the class, and the privacy of the sessions will be controlled by our WISE learning management system.

FAQs on remote attendance for CAS students

Yes — any student may choose to attend remotely.

It is important that you let us know in advance. Unless informed, your professors will consider you to be skipping class. To opt into remote attendance for the semester, fill out this form.

Students will have until 5 p.m. on August 12, 2020, to submit the remote attendance form. This will provide us with the necessary time to contact you if there will be any difficulties with your schedule, and make adjustments.

The deadline to cancel your housing contract has been extended to August 12, 2020, to align with the deadline to choose remote attendance.

You will need to reapply for housing for spring semester — we cannot reserve or guarantee on-campus housing.

Most, but not all. A member of the Dean’s staff will reach out to you about possible problems with your schedule; please also be proactive and check in with your professors if you have concerns.

Yes, first-year students may attend remotely. You will still participate in your College Colloquium and CHASE (the Colloquium extension course), and your Colloquium professor will still be your advisor. Your Colloquium Associate and other more senior student mentors will also be available to support you.

It depends. We are not altering our standard residency requirement, which provides only limited exceptions to the expectation that all first and second year students live on campus. Students who have already completed their four semesters in residence may live off campus and attend in-person classes. Students who wish to appeal the on-campus residency requirement should email

Yes. Students living on campus for the fall semester may sign up to attend all or some classes remotely. To register for remote attendance for any or all of your courses, please fill out this form. If you have already filled out the form but wish to change any of your answers, just fill it out a second time.

Yes. Students living on campus or off campus within commuting distance may choose to take some classes remotely, and others in person.

If you are registered for in-person attendance, you are still expected to abide by your professor's attendance requirements: these may include the flexibility to choose to attend remotely at any time, or you may be expected to be there in person unless you're ill.

You are only choosing for fall semester, and can change to in-person attendance by submitting this form with your changes.

Look for an update about spring term in mid-fall, around the time of registration for spring classes.

Yes, although if you wish to live on campus, housing may or may not be available.

Yes — although not all of your classes may be accessible remotely; you will need to contact the Student Success Hub for confirmation that your schedule will work.

To register for remote attendance for any or all of your courses, please fill out this form. If you have already filled out the form but wish to change any of your answers, just fill it out a second time.

Also, If you are an on-campus resident and plan to move out before the semester ends, you will be responsible for cancellation charges as laid out in your Housing and Dining Plan contract (see Section F).

No. The cost of providing a Willamette education is no lower for remote attendees; in fact, Willamette has gone to considerable expense to make it possible for students to attend classes remotely. Student support services such as tutoring, advising, telehealth, and career development are also all being provided remotely. Thus, while remote attendees will save on room and board costs, we are unable to offer a tuition discount. If you are experiencing unusual financial challenges due to the pandemic, please contact the Financial Aid office about the possibility of having your financial aid recalculated.

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