What's Better than Printing?

Tip #12 Condense your images. Shrink your photos or reduce Dots Per Inch (DPI)
Large images can slow down your printing and waste paper on drafts. Here are some tips to help reduce waste and speed up printing.
Use placeholders for your images until your final drafts. Not only will it save a ton of paper but it can help you focus on the flow of the words and transitions.
Crop and shrink your image to 8.5 x 11 inches which is standard page size. Inserting an image that is larger will take up unnecessary space and will ultimately slow printing.http://www.photoshopessentials.com/essentials/image-resizing/
If you have high resolution images (DPI -- dots per inch), save them at lower resolution.  One way is to use Photoshop to change your DPI.  Copy your image, then open Photoshop, and click File and new.  A box will open in which you can change your DPI.  We recommend 75 DPI.  Photoshop is available on all campus computer labs.  

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