These instructions should work for any version of Thunderbird, Macintosh and Windows.

Export your Thunderbird Address Book

  • Start Thunderbird.
  • Choose Tools > Address Book.
  • Under Address Books on the left, select Personal Address Book.
  • Choose Tools > Export.
  • In the Save as type box choose Comma Separated (.csv file extension).
  • Enter any file name and location to save (you'll need to remember this when you are ready to import your address book into your Gmail account.
  • Click Save.

Import your Thunderbird Address Book into Gmail

  • Login to your Gmail account.
  • Open your Contacts.
  • From the More Actions pull-down choose Import.
  • Click the Browse button and locate the file your exported from Thunderbird.
  • If you want these contacts to be in a new or existing group, check the box next to Also add these contacts to and make the appropriate selection.
  • Click on the Import button.
  • When the import is complete, click the OK button.

NOTE: this action does not synchronize your Thunderbird Address Book and your Gmail Contacts. It is a one-time procedure to get a copy of your Thunderbird Address Book into Gmail. If you are interested in sync solutions, visit the Mozilla Thunderbird Add-ons page (choose Tools > Add-ons from the main Thunderbird menu). There is a third-party add-on called Zindus that may work for you.

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